Avon Tyrrell Adventure

School News

Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Activity Centre was the destination for the annual First Year teambuilding trip.

The boys took part in a number of difficult mental and physical challenges which aimed to test their teamwork, communication and thinking skills.

The First Years tried to earn as much money as possible by completing the puzzles and working together, which they then used to purchase the materials to build a raft.

Despite only having 30 minutes to build their vessels, all the rafts managed to stay afloat, although some of the boys were less fortunate.

Head of First Year, Mrs Jennifer Peattie said the trip was an invaluable chance for the boys to make new friends:

The First Year had an action packed few days away in Avon Tyrrell this week.The poor weather certainly did not managed to dampen the enthusiastic spirits of the First Year. It was lovely to see them working so well as a team both within and outside their Forms. I have no doubt that many new friendships will have been formed after these few days away. It was also wonderful to witness them tacking so many new tasks and solving interesting problems, not least how to make a bed!