Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

This is the first of our weekly bulletin’s that will feature news of all the fantastic things the Second Years have been up to. The boys have made a good start so far and we look forward to seeing them shine in the classroom and beyond as the term progresses. Most clubs and activities began this week so do get involved and make the most of the opportunities Hampton offers. Remember, it is the expectation that students are involved in at least two extra-curricular clubs as well as any team sports they may do. And when you do go along, let me know what you got up to and I can include it in this bulletin.

Let’s kick off our round up of what’s been going on with Football, which got up and running with wins this week for the U13A & B teams. Sam Brewster reports on the U13A fixture:

“On Saturday 9th September Hampton’s U13A football team played a challenging match against Sutton school. With the new year bringing an 11-a-side pitch for the first time we were rearing to get started. The first goal came in the latter stage if the first half came from an excellent volley from Joe Moylan-Jones. The second half turned out to be a little more exuberant with our side scoring 2 goals (from Joe Tracey and Archie Kimble) with us only conceding 1 un return. The game ended 3-1 to Hampton. A big thank you to Mr Trivedi for leading the team and I hope we can continue this wining form all the way through the season.”

And here is an insight into the pre-season tour of Amsterdam from Dominik Hagmann:

“On July the 12th the A and B teams of the old first and second year got to school at 04:30 and started the 14 hour journey to Hotel de Ossewa. The next day we started our tough football training in the late morning then training again after lunch then we went back to the hotel to have our dinner. After our dinner we were allowed to have an hour of free time and then at nine-thirty we had to go to bed. The second day similar, except instead of afternoon training we went to the beach to play mini-football matches. Second and First Years were mixed up and then we had our normal routine of free time then getting ready for bed. The following day, we were given a tour of the Amsterdam Arena for our last day of the Ajax tour. All in all it was a great football trip and I enjoyed all the tours and the football training sessions.”

Unfortunately the U13A rugby team couldn’t quite get over the line. Here’s Marcus Taylor’s report:

“Our first game of the season was against John Fisher School. They were a tough opposition with some big and quick players who were able to run through our defence several times. We went into half time a number of tries down, but we came out into the second half with a renewed energy and managed to claw a try back however despite our efforts John Fisher won convincingly in the end.”

Nevertheless, it sounds like the Water Sports trip made a big splash, Paddy Quirke reports:

“On Friday 8th September, 12 boys in second year and I went to Dorset to participate in many water-based activities. We spent two nights outside in tents. Sadly it was really cold but it was nice to spend time outdoors.
On Saturday we went paddle-boarding on a large lake with two islands in the middle of it. Later that same day we went to a water park and we all thought that it  was really good fun but was impacted by the torrential rain.
We went back to the campsite for news that more rain was coming which nobody wanted to hear. On the final day we went sailing across the channel. It was hard work but rewarding when your boat was moving. Thank you to all members of the Adventure Society for taking us and supervising us on this great trip!”
And here is Charlie Murphy’s take on it:

“The watersports trip was epic! Despite the lack of sleep, we did three amazing activities and had loads of fun. My favourite activity was the inflatable obstacle course at the water park (imagine Total Wipeout with 50 kids running wild) – and my favourite bit of that was pushing people in (especially Miss Brown!!).” 

Joke of the Week:

This was hotly contested, but this week’s winning joke comes from Dhruv Duggal:

Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing.

Have you got a better joke? Send it in and it might feature next week.


How many countries can you name that are only four letters long? There are ten in total. (no prizes for this but feel free to email in your answers). If you fancy setting a future trivia question, send it my way.

If your son has any news that should be mentioned in a future bulletin, please do encourage them to email me at and I shall be delighted to include it. Merits are given for all contributions that make it into the bulletin.

Have a great week!