Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

The penultimate blog of this academic year is brought to you from the red carpet at Third Year Prize Giving. On Thursday evening our boys, their parents, Form Tutors, the Headmaster and his guests joined Mr Woods and Miss Millar in celebrating the wide ranging achievements of Third Year boys at Hampton. Academic excellence and sporting achievement were recognised alongside prizes for music, chess, original work and for contributions to the wider School community. The evening was enhanced further by musical performances from Matthew Cresswell (piano) and Matt Lowe (saxophone), a dramatic piece from Journey’s End by Theo Bailey and Patrick Wall, and a rendition of the presentation given at the final of the ROAR dragons’ den by Farhan Hussain, Tom Holland, Chris Austin and Lucas Hutton. The proceedings were aptly concluded by Conor Turpin-Clifford who gave a rousing vote of thanks.

Congratulations to all prize winners as listed below:

Form prizes

3A: Christopher Austin and Vlad Penzyev

3B: Samuel Axford, Rhys Colder and Peter Godden

3C: Harry Attwell, Maxi Grindley and Sam Power

3D: Jamie Benson and Robbie Cox

3E: Igor Keihgorodov and Arjun Samra

3F: Tom Holland and Giulio Reid-Thomas

3G: Johnny Powell and Anthony Wang

3H: Oscar Nolan and Toby Robinson

3J: Louis Bird and Tobaias Droy

Tutor Prizes

3A: Charlie Close and Jacob O’Locklin

3B: Fedor Ivanov and Josh Van’t Hoff

3C: Matthew Avant-Smith and Saul Morrison

3D: Leo Gregory and Cameron Hair

3E: Hojae Lim and Tom Patterson

3F Jake Amor and Oscar Murphy

3G: Joshua Culshaw and Jack Slaney

3H: Eliot Patient and Charlie Sutton

3J: Saahil Dhawan and Tobaias Droy

Headmaster’s Merit Prizes

Declan Connolly, Matthew Cresswell, Pravin Kiritharan, Hari Prabhu, Arjun Samra and Xavier Tinsley-Roy.

Parent’s Association Prizes

Thomas Cross and Ross Hyde.

School Prizes for Original Work

Jack Murphy, Pranav Pandey, Thomas Cross, Matthew Cresswell, Theo Bailey, Josh Bartholomew, Maxi Grindley, Jake Manketo, and Zachary Whelan.

HELP Project Prizes

Christopher Austin, Theo Bailey, Matthew Cresswell, Maxi Grindley, Jack Murphy and Pranav Pandey.

Original Work in the Field of Art

Oscar Nolan

Music Society Junior Cup

Jack Lucas

Third Year Music Prize & Chess: Tobias Droy and Alfie Onslow

Rugby: Jamie Benson and Tim Lamming

Football: Declan Connolly and Joshua Culshaw

Rowing: Joshua Breadmore and Ben Martis-Jones

Athletics: Milo Tschaudri, Dylan Dyson-Holland, James McMullin, Tom Netterfield and Sami Omaar

Cricket: Keiran Downer and Tanmay Thanawalla

Tennis: Theo Radicopulos and Sam Sparrow

Head of Year Prize: Declan Connolly, Farhan Hussain, Rupert Reddish and Conor Turpin-Clifford.

Harris Prize: William Jagla

Headmaster’s Prize: Alex Colvin

Mistresses’ Prize: Matthew Cresswell



Good luck to the three Third Year boys who will compete next week in the ISTA Tennis Championships at Eton. We hope that Joshua Culshaw (3G), Theo Radicopoulus (3C) and Declan Connolly (3C) all take inspiration from the Championships at Wimbledon and make it to the latter stages of the tournament.

Angus Whitworth (3G) reports that he will be joining the orchestra to play clarinet next year.

Many congratulations to Anthony Wang (3G) who recently got into the Royal Academy of Music.

Josh Bartholomew (3G) will no longer be in bottom set Maths next year… and he is very excited about it.


The inter-form quiz final is being contested by 3D and 3E today at 1pm in the Lecture Theatre. All Third Year boys were invited to attend and we await the result with anticipation following a highly competitive and enjoyable competition.

In the last quarter-final, 3B could not follow up their play-off victory and were narrowly defeated by 3G, 130-150; Rhys Calder (3B) and Johnny Powell (3G) shared the Man of the Match award with 3 starter questions each.

In the semi-finals, it was 3G’s turn to fall agonisingly short, as they were pipped 170-180 by 3D, whose captain Will McLoughlin (6 starters) produced the outstanding individual performance of the competition so far. Elsewhere, 3E cemented their position as favourites by dispatching 3C 190-90, encouraged by a dominant display from Egor Kaygorodov (4 starters).

Many thanks to Mr Hitchings for organising and running this superb tournament… whatever the result.


Mr Schurch is hosting the croquet final between 3F and 3C next week.


We will announce the final inter-form points tally in the final blog of the year next week.