Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

Many of the boys responded generously this week with cash donations to the British Red Cross to assist those who had been affected by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower. A minute’s silence was also observed at 11am on Monday to pay respects to the victims and their families.

With temperatures soaring and Third Years doing everything they can to stay cool this week (apart from those who braved the 3G in 30+ degree heat) ties and jackets have been abandoned allowing lessons to go on as normal. Sensibly, many boys sought refuge from the heat indoors at lunchtimes, notably allowing several Third Years to excel in the Inter-Form Quiz…

Last week, the play-off saw an agonisingly close match, in which a star-turn from Giulio Reid-Thomas (5 starter questions) couldn’t prevent 3F going down 160-170 against 3B. The first quarter-final was more one-sided, Will McLoughlin (5 starters) and 3D polishing off 3J by 210 points to 90. The bookies’ favourites 3A played 3E in the highest-scoring match so far, featuring no fewer than three members of the school quiz squad! 3A’s Tom Reilly (5 starters) had the best individual performance, but 3E emerged victorious, 170-220. In the third quarter-final, an impressive 3C team, inspired by Amr Haji (4 starters), swept aside 3H by 210-110.

The updated draw is as follows:

Play-off QFs SFs
3F (160)
(Th 15/6) 3B
3B (170)
(Th 22/6)
(Fr 23/6)
3D (210)
(Th 15/6) 3D
3J (90)
FINAL: Th 29/6
3A (170)
(Fr 16/6) 3E
3E (220)
(Fr 23/6)
3C (210)
(Fr 16/6) 3C
3H (110)


The final will be at lunchtime on Thursday, in case you all want to clear your diaries.


3D: 28 points (Mr. Studt x 4, Alex Taylor x 2, Alex McMillan x 3, Jamie Benson, Tom Netterfield x 2, Tom Tomlin x 3, Henry van Spall, Ravi Franzini x 2, Max Robinson x 2, Cameron Hair, Dylan Straker-Grimes x 2, Leo Gregory x5)

3A: 7 points (Chris Austin x 6, Jack Murphy x 1)

3C: 5 points (James Ho, Declan Connolly, Robin Little, Max Bailey, Robin Little)

3J: 4 points (James Bradley, Ross Hyde x 2, Ollie Blair)

3H 3 points (Oscar Nolan x 3)

3F 3 points (Mr Walsh x 3)

3G 2 points (Angus Whitworth x 2)

Last Saturday (17.6.) was the last chance to collect points. Only Leo Gregory (3D) braved the heat, taking his form’s total up to 28 points in his fifth Park Run, an impressive 21 points ahead of nearest competitor 3A. Congratulations to the Year Group’s most frequent runner with six park runs, Chris Austin!

What with the Interform Athletics, Quiz, Code-breaking Challenge and even some Croquet, it’s been a fun and varied end to the Interform Competitions.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!