Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

It has been a tough week for Third Years who have been working hard to achieve their personal best in the end of year exams. A thoroughly well-deserved relaxing weekend with no homework awaits them all.

In amongst the exams, there was some light relief on Thursday afternoon with the annual Inter-Form Athletics Competition. All boys took part in at least one event. There were some excellent individual performances from the elite athletes and some equally determined efforts by those less experienced athletes who still had everything to play for picking up points in the B events.

Overall, 3D and 3H could not be separated, finishing in equal 1st position with 167 points each. The full list of results is as below:


Hurdles B896524173
Hurdles A835726491
100m B2845196.56.53
100m A695487132
200m B6.52984.54.536.51
200m A314698572
300m B659873142
300m A578964123
800m B937.521647.55
800m A329678514
Long J B852496173
Long J A873495126
Triple J B249516378
Triple J A792513468
High J B1658.5338.573
High J A91672.52.5584
Shot B682953741
Shot A234658791
Discus B036457892
Discus A137948562
Javelin B048760095
Javelin A265318794
Relay B26141812104168
Relay A48101717122146


Park Run

Mr Studt still wants to hear from anyone who has run a Park Run over half term and reminds everyone that inter-form points are up for grabs again this Saturday morning for anyone who takes part and provides evidence of a finish.


Dru Shori brings us news of some cricket which took place at the end of the last half-term.

“On the 20th May Hampton School played St. Bede’s school in a 25 over match. The weather was looking bright for the day until our match started and the rain stared pouring down on us. This was more football and rugby weather, rather than cricket.

Hampton lost the toss and the opposition elected to bowl first. Dru Shori and Matt Avant-Smith opened the batting. After a relatively early dismissal from Matt, Dylan Straker-Grimes came into bat. Dru and Dylan started to build the innings on a wet and extremely slow outfield. Dru and Dylann scored well with 28 runs (Dru) and 27 runs (Dylan). In the last 5 overs there were a few cameos from the lower order which got us to 108 off 25 overs which was a very respectable score on the wicket and under the circumstances.

During the second innings the weather brightened up for the opposition and the outfield slowly became quicker. We had a great bowling performance, especially from Thomas Thomlin, Matt Wilson, Rupert Reddish, Dylan Straker Grimes, Mikey Wilson and Pranav Pandey. We bowled them out for 67 and Hampton had now won 6 games on the spin.”


On 24th May Hampton faced St. Paul’s in the quarter final of the Middlesex Cup on a very hot day.

Key performances were:

Thomas Thomlin – 1 wicket

Pravin Kiritharan – a brilliant run out

Mikey Wilson – a brilliant catch off Dru Shori.

Matt Wilson – 2 wickets

Matt Avant Smith – 1 wicket

Dru Shori – 2 wickets


St Paul’s ended on 170 off 30 overs.

Hampton batting:

Pravin Kirithatan batted very well for 50.

Dylan Straker Grimes batted very well for 28 runs.

In the end Hampton lost by 30 runs.

Enjoy the weekend all!