Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

This week our Second Years have enjoyed two terrific trips with the History and RS Departments.  Let’s start by hearing from Fraser, who tells us about the RS trip:

“On Monday the Second Years went to three separate places of worship. The first, and my favourite, was the Hindu Temple in West London. As soon as you stepped off the coach you could see the vastness of this temple and it showed dedication from Hindus around London as it was built in under three years. As you walked in you were immediately amazed by ornately carved pillars and walls carved out of dark wood. We watched a short video followed by a walk around the temple and even into the marble temple which was the highlight of the trip as it was filled with light and beautiful carvings.

We next saw the Russian Orthodox Church which was very interesting and different. It had lovely paintings lining the walls and when we were there a lady was painting and blessing the walls. We went downstairs and saw they royal doors for priests and royals to enter.

We then went to a Christian Church and sat and listened to a talk by a member of the procession. We smelt incense that filled the room and then walked around church answering quizzes and we saw many stained glass windows with intricate designs and a mixture of colours. We sat in rows of church pews answering questions about Greek letters, paintings, locations of items and even how many angels were in the church (around 70).” – Fraser Dunlop (2W)


For Shane and Jake, the most interesting part of the trip was the Hindu Mandir at Neasden:

“We learnt about the origins and growth of Hinduism and how and why the Mandir was built where it is. We were lucky enough to see His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj leave the country, after a 5-day visit, to continue on to America. The people of the Mandir and the Maharaj started a 94-day countdown until he returned to their Mandir. We watched his departure from a livestream to a TV inside. The Mandir itself was less of a building and more of a piece of art, all of it held together by their adjoining parts. The Murtis (statues of their gods and spiritual leaders) were exquisite and were housed like royals. The complex around the Mandir is a social centre which was clearly shown by many Hindus congregating and socialising whilst we were there.” –  Shane Bowden (2P)

“My personal favourite was the Mandir, is was very detailed and ornate. We were lucky enough to be there at the same time as a very important religious leader in Hinduism. We went into the temple and saw many shrines for the Hindu Gods. Then we went into the Hindu exhibition, and we learned more about the Hindu religion. The Mandir was all hand-carved and made with over 5,000 tonnes of marble, the marble was then cut into around 26,000 pieces and brought to England from India. And then reassembled to form the Mandir. The RS trip was one of my favourite and one of the best trips we have had this year.” –  Jake Murray (2L)


Isaac enjoyed the visit to St Anne’s Church:

“We came into the church welcomed by Mrs Perkins and sat down in the front pews. She talked to us about the consecration of bread and wine and explained the beliefs and views of the church. Then we were given a booklet and asked to fill it in. I found this experience amazing and it was my favourite place we went to that day.”  Isaac Mann (2P)

The fun didn’t stop there; the boys enjoyed a very different but equally enjoyable trip to the sunny south coast.  Many thanks to Ben for sharing his thoughts:

“On Tuesday the 20th of June, we visited the Mary Rose in the docks at Portsmouth. It was fascinating to see how long the ship had laid unseen before divers went down and brought it up. We went around the museum and saw everything they had salvaged from the wreck. For me the most interesting bit was seeing the skeleton of an archer, because the shoulders and arms looked so different from us now. I think the whole year group really enjoyed such an interesting trip. Thanks to the History Department and The Mary Rose Museum Staff.”  Ben Freer (2W)

The Later in the week the Volleyball team enjoyed a super successful day:

“On Thursday 22nd of June the Hampton U13 Volleyball team (Sam Davidson (2J), Luke Paskin (2J), Ethan Knight (2J) and Louis Middleton (2L) competed in the Richmond School’s Volleyball Championship. Our team won all of our group games and went on to win the tournament’s final 44-22.” – Luke Paskin (2J)

Well done, boys!

Finally, we hear from Conor who has been scaling great heights in the French Alps:

“Over the weekend, I went with my father to a new climbing route over the mountains, the Via Ferrata. It was a stunning climb with plenty of rock faces, and while it was not the most difficult route, it was certainly high and the views were breathtaking. I was clipped into a safety mechanism the whole time, but sometimes it felt a lot more risky and dangerous. It was an amazing experience.” –  Conor Bleach (2W)

Rock on, Conor!