Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

The post-exam programme of events is still going strong, with Second Year boys continuing to enjoy a wide range of trips and workshops.  This week saw some Second Years take to the stage on Tuesday, where they teamed up with actors from the First and Third Years to put on a pitch-perfect production of Jason and the Argonauts, a chorus-driven piece of singing and silliness that charts the rise and history of the most famous group of strapping young men who travelled the Aegean Sea.  Ben, who (mostly) played King Pelias, brings us this report:

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the production of Jason and the Argonauts and I’m sure the rest of the cast consisting of fourteen members and the technical team would agree. Like many shows there were bumps along the way and even though it took a while for the play to come together I think we were all pleased with the outcome. Lots of work was put in by everyone, especially by our fantastic director Miss Davis who put up with our behaviour throughout rehearsals and our brilliant musical director Miss Willett who spent a lot of her time making sure we got the rhythm of the songs correct. It is an experience I will never forget and it was nice to get to know some new people.” –  Benjamin Strong (2B)

The following day the boys headed in to town to see Wicked. James and Thomas tell us why they enjoyed the show:

“On Wednesday the whole of the Second Year went to see the afternoon matinee of Wicked, which is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. There was a lot of great singing and acting, and it was incredibly enjoyable. Most people were impressed by the incredible dancing and technical theatre aspect of the performance. Overall it was a spectacular way to end a year of hard work in Music.” –  James Bantick and Thomas Norman (2J)

On Thursday the boys were visited by Joe Segar, who spoke to them about personal safety:

“Over the morning we were taught how to defend ourselves from a mugging. We learnt how to break-free from and choke hold, headlock and wrist grab. After the lecture on general safety we did a two-period practical on the 3G. There were some very serious scenarios yet it was all extremely fun. Unfortunately for Kyle, he was the test subject for some of the techniques and fell to the floor plenty of times, much to the laughter of the crowd. Altogether, it was an enjoyable experience and we liked getting sound advice for dealing with any malicious situations.” –  Olly Coles and Sam Skinner (2J)

In sporting news, The U13A cricket team have gone from strength to strength, ending with a convincing win against Ibstock.  Sandy sums up recent events:

“The U13 cricket As had a strong finish to the season, winning our last three games over St. Paul’s, Dr Challoner’s and Ibstock. We saw a series of great all-round team performances with special mention going to Ollie Stokes (2W) for his 68 against Ibstock, our highest score of the season. We won 8 out of 10 matches, including beating RGS Guildford and Whitgift.  Thank you everyone for hard work and good cricket over the season. Also, thanks to Mr Rigby for coaching and supporting us throughout the season.” –  Sandy Mitchell (2J)

The end of term may be approaching, but boys can still get merits signed off with Mrs Owen. This week we say well do to Adithya Arvind (2P) who has achieved 50 merits!