Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Undeterred by the not-so-lovely weather, the Second Year boys have enjoyed a range of sporting events this week.  Luke, Jai and Rohan bring us up to speed:

“On Friday the 12th of May, Hampton took part in the English Schools’ Athletics competition. The journey to the stadium took two hours but when we arrived we were all excited. The first events were the junior field events. Louis Middleton (2L) threw an amazing 29 meters in the javelin scoring lots of points for Hampton. Overall the day went very well and Hampton juniors scored over 600 points.” – Luke Walsh (2W)

The tennis season is in full swing with the team playing two or three matches a week:

“On Thursday, 11 May and Friday, 12 May, the tennis team played two sets of fixtures. On 11 May, we played King Edwards in the group stages of the Surrey League competition. The team on Thursday consisted of me, Ben Bird (2B), Rafferty Lucking (2H), Rohan Vasudev (2B), Patrick Helm (2H) and Luke Bland (2H). We beat the King Edwards team 8-1, it was a comfortable victory. We played well and kept consistent so we didn’t give away many points. On Friday, the team, consisting of me, Ben Bird, Billy Atkinson (2W) and Rafferty Lucking, played Rutlish School. This was for a four team Aegon competition. We beat them 6-0 and it was another comfortable match for us. Like the day before, we played good shots and were consistent. Overall it was a good week for the U13 tennis team.” –  Jai Saha (2J)

After a flying start to the season the U13 tennis team came up against some tough competition yesterday evening:

“On Thursday, we went to Sutton Tennis Academy to face Cheam High School. It was a difficult fixture for us and it was the first time we lost this season. The traffic was terrible, the weather was terrible and sadly we lost all our matches (bad luck really does come in threes!) but we are looking forward to our next fixture and are more determined than ever.” –  Rohan Vasudev (2B)

At least one Second Year boy has enjoyed more than a smidgen of sunshine this year; Gabriel and his family have just returned to the UK after spending the last six months in the States.  Gabriel was welcomed back with open arms on his return to Hampton.  Here, Gabriel shares some of his thoughts on his American adventure:

“Whilst my parents, sister, dog and I were living in California we stayed in a town called Brentwood, in Los Angeles right by the ocean. We were living in California because my father got a job as an actor in the TV series, Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D which we watched every Tuesday night even though my dad hates seeing himself on the television. I lived on the top of a mountain in a mountain range called Mandeville Canyon and the views were amazing, the ocean was to the North, beautiful mountains to the West and then the busy streets of Downtown LA to the East. Every morning when I woke up for school I looked out my window and saw the mountains glowing a lilac purple colour or a deep red, it changed colour throughout the day and when I returned home from school it was a dark yellow slowly turning to blue and slowly to black as the sun went down. However, because we were so far up a mountain we had to drive everywhere which was a bit of pain as I felt like I had no freedom to just meet up with friends and go to the cinema down the road or go to the shops by myself and buy something.  I went to a public school while I was there as we didn’t know if we were permanently going to live in America, the school was called Paul Revere and it was in a very pretty part of Brentwood, I enjoyed the school and it wasn’t hard to fit in since I was in the year above… having said that, I was the only one in the school (as well as my sister, Astrid) with a British accent and everyone loved it, even the teachers made me read out loud more than my peers sometimes because they liked hearing my accent and I didn’t mind, I thought it was funny. Even though I made an amazing group of friends in LA it’s so nice to come back to Hampton and it was great being greeted on my first day back, while still jet-lagged, with all the boys from my form running up to me and giving me a huge hug.”  Gabriel Hannah (2B)

We end by saying congratulations to those Second Years who have collected Merit certificates from Mrs Owen this week.  Well done to: James Langdown and Freddie Seddon (20 merits), Jake Murray (30 merits), Alessandro Russell, Adithya Arvind and Jake Costen (40 merits), Ollie Glenn, Kabir Sait and Rohan Raj (50 merits), Rohi Popham and Shane Bowden (60 merits) and Rohan Vasudev (90 merits).