First Year Blog

1st Year Blog

Summer has come to Hampton today, and we are all enjoying the upturn in weather – long may this continue. Lunchtimes can be spent relaxing on the fields, basking in the early May sunshine, lulled into a state of soporific contentment by the buzzing of bees. I hope the boys make the most of the summer opportunities available to them, and strike a balance between this and preparation for the summer exams. Each boy has been given a copy of Mrs Peattie’s Exam Survival Guide, which they have been asked to take home and review with their parents at some point soon – it is well worth a read.

Unfortunately, the weather earlier this week meant that the first athletics meeting of the year was postponed, but I look forward to hearing about how the boys get on in future meets.

Meanwhile, I know that both boys and staff alike are eagerly awaiting the results of the Junior Maths Challenge, which was sat last Thursday. We shall let you know these as soon as possible.

Congratulations to Riley Wilkin and Zain Khan who both produced outstanding English Reading projects recently. While on this topic, students who have either poetry or prose pieces that they would like published in this year’s Lion Print Creative Writing Magazine should email them to  or with their name, form and the words Lion Print in the subject of the email. They will consider any original writing that has been done in or out of school during this academic year. The deadline is Friday 19 May.

Our thanks go to Edwin Martin, Toby Gwynne, Timothy Lee and Xavier Miklichansky-Maddocks, who were grilled by Tatler Magazine on Thursday and did a fantastic job in explaining to the journalist what every day school life at Hampton was like.

On that note, Edwin Martin is this week’s Tutee of the Week this is due to his general fantastic, positive attitude to School life and his excellent co-curricular commitment. Well done on this excellent achievement Edwin!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!