Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

This week the Second Year boys have stunned audiences with their performances of their devised plays. Friends and family came along to The Hammond Theatre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings to see the boys on stage. The boys particularly enjoyed the use of the dressing rooms and the technical effects! There were some wonderfully creative storylines and costumes, and Thursday’s audience were even treated to a spot of operatics!  George, who was up on stage on Wednesday, explains the process behind the performances for us:

“Eight weeks ago we were split into five groups and told to put on a play, our play had to be related to one of three items and scenarios. At the start we thought that this was an impossible task but we had no choice but to start producing this play. At first we didn’t take it very seriously but as the deadline neared we grew more serious. Then the big night came. We were told to eat dinner at 4, which in my mind was a bit early, then we had about an hour to wait before the technical rehearsal. When the tech rehearsal happened we had to sort out blackouts which was a bit of a challenge but we got there eventually. Then it was show time and from what I could see it was a huge success.” – George Sanders (2L)

For some of our Second Year boys this was the second performance this week at the Hammond Theatre. Ben Francis (2L), Jake Costen (2P), Alex Mehta (2L), Teddy Jerome (2L), Henry Ward (2B), Louis Middleton (2L) and more, performed St. John’s Passion on Saturday. Many thanks to Jake and Ben for sharing their thoughts with us: 

“Last Saturday, the Hampton School Choir, joined by Lady Eleanor Holles girls, and the Hampton and LEH Choral Society, performed Bach’s St. John Passion in the Hammond Theatre.  Around 36 boys from Hampton School sang, out of around 200 singers! There was an excellent orchestral accompaniment lead by Ms Van Ments (Head of Strings), with several Hampton boys playing in the orchestra. There were six professional singers, two of whom were old-Hamptonians. This was all preceded by hours of rehearsal on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon.” –  Jake Costen (2P)

Ben adds:

“With over 200 people singing chorales together, the experience was amazing, and the sound produced by the choir was nothing short of epic. Professional soloists performed flawlessly, and their impressive ranging notes and voices inspired awe. Mr Roland and Mr Donald joined this largely adult choir, who were beautifully supported by an orchestra which included unusual instruments such as a lute. A big thank you to Mr Donald and Dr Ward for putting the evening together and guiding us through rehearsals.” –  Ben Francis (2L)

We are delighted to announce that the Creative Writing Awards finalists have been selected and the eagerly awaited masterclass and awards evening are due to take place next week. Mrs Bartholomew says that there were a number of outstanding entries in the Junior section. The shortlisted boys will have a workshop with Saci Lloyd on Tuesday followed by an awards ceremony in the evening, where Saci Lloyd will speak about her work as a writer, give a brief outline of the masterclasses held earlier in the day and announce the winners and runners-up (chosen by her). Congratulations go to Luca Parrish (2P), Ben Wix (2J), Sam Colvine (2L), Naayaz Hashim (2H) and Alex Upshall (2B) who have made it this far. We look forward to reading your work in this summer’s edition of Lion Print.

We also take this opportunity to congratulate those Second Years who have been awarded with merit certificates.  This week we say well done to: Olly Coles (30 merits), Luke Michels, Ben Wix, Malachi McCalla and Shane Bowden (40 merits) and Sandy Mitchell and Arton Shala (50 merits).

We wrap up this week with some eggciting news: there will be a Form Charity Easter Egg Hunt for Second Years during Wednesday lunchtime from 1:10pm.   Any Second Year who pays £1 towards Form Charity will receive a list of clues to locations around the School where vouchers (exchangeable for chocolate) are hidden.  Boys, look out for the registration point outside towards the back of School and make sure you sign up between 1pm-1:10pm.