Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

On Tuesday the boys from 2P, 2W and 2B went off to the Science Museum courtesy of the Maths Department.  Zebedee and Jake had a great time:

“Yesterday, we went to the Science Museum. We learnt lots about mathematics, including how data is affecting our lives. We got to explore around and we saw how sound affects the air and water. We also saw how mathematics was used to make a model of the North Sea to prevent floods.” – Zebedee Aylin (2P)

“Charles Babbage designed possibly the most complex difference engine for its time. However, he never actually completed the design. The Science Museum took up the task of finishing the design, and building the machine. It is roughly the size of a large table, and is entirely analogue.” – Jake Costen (2P)

Forms 2J, 2L and 2H Have this marvellous day of maths to look forward to next week.

On Thursday the boys competed in the inter-form volleyball tournament, organised by the PE department.  Mr Bolton says that the boys were great at picking up volleyball quickly and really seemed to enjoy the event.  The Forms were split into two competitions, with the following results:

Pool A                                              Pool B

1st 2J                                                 1st 2J

2nd 2L                                               2nd 2P

3rd 2W                                              3rd 2W

4th 2B                                                4th 2H

5th 2H                                               5th 2B

6th 2P                                               6th 2L


Well done, 2J!  A reminder for those forms who are in school next Thursday that there’ll be some fun, mixed volleyball competitions taking pace at lunchtime.

Meanwhile Kabir has been trying his hand at a new event: shooting! He gives us the lowdown here:

“With an early start to the day, we drove down to the Sunbury rifle shooting club. This was my first experience of rifle shooting and I was introduced to the technique of sitting and shooting. As a beginner I started off with an air rifle and fired down a 25m range. Initially, I was terrible and struggled to place a bullet on the target but as I continued firing my accuracy and consistency increased hugely as my bullets began to land on the “9” and “10” (centre) of the target. At the outset, rifle shooting appears a very dangerous sport but made very safe with all the safety precautions, it is actually safer than other sports e.g boxing, rugby, polo etc. After an hour of firing I began to create a “group” where all your bullets are within a certain range; it is measured from the two furthest points on the target. I was satisfied as I achieved a group of just under 2cm. This was a very unique experience and would highly recommend it to my fellow classmates.” – Kabir Sait (2P)

 Finally, we say hearty well done to those boys who are taking home merit certificates this week: Sarthak Datta (20 merits), Jack East (30 merits), Alex Dinan (40 merits), Rohi Popham and Tom Olby (50 merits), Fred Darley and Billy Hutchings (60 merits), Sam Colvine (80 merits) and Ben Francis (120 merits).