First Year End of Term Blog

1st Year Blog

It is with great excitement that I can announce the results of the Inter-Form Rugby and Football competitions last Friday.  In regards to Rugby; IJ came first, followed by 1P, 1B, 1H and 1L.   In reference to Football: 1B came first, followed by 1L, 1P, 1J and 1H.  This means at this stage in the academic year both 1B and 1J are jointly in the lead in the Inter-Form Cup.   However, there are still many competitions to go in the Summer Term, so it can still all shift!

Last week I mentioned that seven First Years had been shortlisted for the Hampton School Creative writing award, to get shortlisted was a huge honour.  I am delighted to announce that Lucas Cairnes was a runner-up in the Junior Poetry section, Leanesh Sivakumar won the Junior Prose and Timothy Lee was a runner-up in this section.  Leanesh has had a very exciting month and should also be congratulated for obtaining an Academic Achievement, this award was presented by the Mayor of Spelthorne at the 2017 Spelthorne Youth Awards.  Well done Leanesh!

I am delighted that Kai Kelly is the only First Year singing in the Children’s Chorus in the Juniper Tree tonight, which is an American Opera which is having its UK premier tonight and last night in the Hammond Theatre, we wish him all the very best of luck with his performance.

Now on onto School Sport, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my Sport team Captains, particularly Timothy Lee, Sam Brewster and William Aust, who without fail have always written me detailed, insightful reports of their matches each week, I have always looked forward to seeing their emails arrive in my inbox!  Sam has kindly written reports of the last few U12A matches:

“On Friday, 17th March, Hampton U12A Football team played a challenging game against Cardinal Vaughan Memorial school. We came into the game filled with confidence and playing great attacking Football, we won the game 4-2, thanks to two goals from Joseph Treacy, an own goal and one from Adam Coombs. With this result done, we went into our next game cheerful and with belief.”


“On Saturday, 18th March, Hampton U12A Football team played a very tricky game against Halliford School. From the beginning they showed they were a good side, hitting the woodwork twice and forcing Ali Jennings to pull out some great saves in goal. Despite this however, we scored 3 goals (from Joseph Treacy, Eric Rodrigues and Isaac Foster) and clung on at the end as they bagged 2 in. The game ended 3-2 and we had a winning streak going!”


“On Monday, 20th March, Hampton U12A Football team played another challenging game against St Paul’s school. As the game began it became evident that both sides were aggressive with pressure in each box. But, finally the pressure turned into a goal and the opponents scored a penalty, fingertips away from our goalie. The tides turned though, as we got into our groove and scored two goals back from Archie Kimble and Joe Moylan-Jones. Unfortunately, we could not hang on to our lead and they managed to score, with the game ending equal.”


“Finally, on Saturday, 25th March, Hampton U12A Football team played possibly the hardest opposition of the season: Richard Challoner School. The game did not get off to a good start and the first half ended 2-0 to them; only to get worse in the second half and they went 4-0 up. But Hampton has spirit. We began a comeback with a goal by Jospeh Treacey from the spot. He then scored another, making the score 4-2. Then Aidan Painting scored – lobbing the ball over the keeper’s head from an excellent free kick – making the game 4-3 to them. What happened next was unreal. Alex Di Soccio stepped it up a notch and banged in an amazing shot, hitting the cross bar and then smashing the rebound into the net. Then, with little time left to play, Alex Di Soccio cranked up a further gear and, after some amazing dribbling, slotted home the winner for us that made even Mr Knibbs go wild! So we ended our season on a ridiculous comeback; from 4-0 to 5-4. Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH to everyone involved, especially Mr Sims and Mr Burke for putting in a massive effort for us and let’s hope we continue forwards and upwards next year…” –  Sam Brewster

I would like to end this bulletin on saying how tremendously well all the First Years have done this term, I am sure they must be absolutely shattered! I do hope they have a fun restful Easter holiday. Happy Easter! Mrs Peattie