First Year Blog

1st Year Blog

I know that many of the First Year boys are looking forward with anticipation to cooking week next week! The First Year team look forward to seeing how the boys get on with their gastronomic experiments – please do feel free to share pictures of the cooking process and finished results with us!

Mr Roland will be putting together a recipe book for you to purchase after the week has finished, the proceeds of which will go to charity. If any boy wants to submit a recipe then please could this be done by Friday 24 March, and a plea from Mr Roland that all ingredients should be given in grams rather than ounces.

I know that all five forms are looking forward to pitting themselves against each other in the annual Inter-Form Rugby and football matches in a few weeks’ time, which brings me onto this week’s Tutee of the week which is Ollie Tynan, due to his excellent conduct within the Form; he has done a sterling job organising the Inter-Form Rugby team and has also made some particularly reflective and mature contributions to PSHE this week. Well done Ollie.

Following on from last week’s warm up against LEH, a team of Akshat Mathur, Harry Spencer, Praveen Kumarasinghe, Aadam Shazad, Toby Gwynne and Nick Allen competed in the inter- borough Literary Quiz at Tiffin Boys School. Nick Allen reports:

The quiz consisted of five different rounds: three on different books we had read, a picture round and the nerve breaking buzzer round. The first three rounds were fairly simple as we had all read and reread the books. It was the penultimate round where it became difficult. Some interesting questions from the picture round included naming the Children’s Laureates, naming Mr Men, famous toads in books and identifying different maps from children’s stories. Finally, there was the buzzer round. Our team would complain that our buzzer was broken but in truth everyone was just much quicker than us! In the end, we were not crowned champions however we all tried our best and enjoyed a great day out.” – Nick Allen

A busy sporting term continues apace. William Aust for the U12A Rugby team: 

“On Tuesday the U12A team took part in the Ibstock Place School sevens tournament. Our first game was against the hosts Ibstock, the final score being a 5-15 victory to us. Following this victory, we performed well against the rest of our group. We played five group matches, winning four, with our only loss being a tough game to Tiffin School. After finishing second in our group, we went on to play Tiffin again in the 1st and 2nd place final. Despite our best effort, Tiffin came out victorious once again but it was a much closer match this time around. Nevertheless, we were still very pleased with our results and overall performance. In training we need to work on re-alignment and staying deep to run on to the ball also we need to be more decisive.”

Meanwhile in the round ball game, Sam Brewster tells us about the U12A Football team’s recent performance:

“On Saturday 4 March, Hampton’s U12A football team played a gruelling game against Sutton. After a delay due to a mix up with getting on the right coach, we finally arrived and got ready to play. Annoyingly, we conceded after 10 minutes in a goal-line scramble – an unfortunate event. The half ended 1-0 to them. In the second half we showed more aggression but so did Sutton, who stopped us in our tracks. The game ended 1-0 to them – probably fairly reflecting the game. Our spirits however, have not been dampened and we will come out even stronger next week. A big thank you to all the coaches involved and let’s keep going lads!” – Sam Brewster

Finally Timothy Lee reports for the U12B Football team: “On Saturday 4 March, Hampton U12B Football played against Sutton Grammar School. The first half was a solid one, and both teams defended well, leaving the score 0-0. During the second half, we had one chance from a corner, but this was defended by the eleven Sutton players in the box. The final score was 0-0, but having said that, this was our first clean sheet of the season. Congratulations to goalkeeper Louis Simmonds-Gooding for this. Thank you to Mr Thomas for coaching us.” – Timothy Lee