Tin Pan Ali


A cast of 41 pupils from Hampton School and Waldegrave School took part in this year’s Junior Musical, Tin Pan Ali. The show is a twist on the familiar story of Ali Baba, an Arabian peasant who is chased by a band of forty thieves after he discovers a trove of stolen riches. In this rendition, the hero is a Chicago street sweeper and the thieves are inept gangsters. The cast were directed by the play’s writer, Jeremy James Taylor OBE, the founder of the National Youth Music Theatre Company.

There were also 16 pupils working backstage on the production and 14 Hampton boys in the band. The music was composed by David Nield who warmly praised the musicians for their performance of what was a challenging score.

The performance and rehearsals were overseen by Music Teacher, Daniel Roland, who was impressed by all the boys’ performances:

The cast, crew and musicians were all magnificent  – this was a challenging and complex production but the pupils approached every rehearsal with energy enthusiasm which resulted in two nights of fun and engaging shows. The sophisticated music score was performed with exceptional skill by our senior musicians adding to the drama and pizzazz of the whole show