Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

We start this week with a message of “good luck” to all the Third Year boys taking part in the ISFA U14 Futsal Tournament this coming Sunday 26 February. We look forward to a report in next week’s blog.

Now for a note about the Hampton Creative Writing Awards. Please submit as many pieces as you wish to your English teacher or to by March 13. The genre can be POETRY, PROSE, or PLAY-script. Get creative and enjoy!

News from around the Forms:

3G were surprised by how well Parents’ Evening went.

Jack Slaney has a new cat named Marlon.

Anthony Wang has a table tennis match next week that he’s looking forward to.

The following boys participated in a day of Drama at Hampton High yesterday involving students from several local schools: Dhru Dattani, Leo Gregory, Jesper Hartikainen, Cameron Hair, Jake Manketo, Sami Omaar and Patrick Wall. Dhru commented that it was “an entertaining day, full of fun activities”.

Dhru and Form-mate Danio Delic are looking forward to a basketball triangular tournament taking place next week. They will be playing (they think) Christ’s School and St Richard Reynolds School. They predict that the game against St Richard Reynolds will be close but that they will be “destroyed” by the team from Christ’s. They are trying to remain positive, however! Lucca Froud and Jay Kim in 3G are also looking forward to the Richmond finals’ tournament.

Mr Woods delivered a ‘Study Skills’ talk to 3A – 3E yesterday, and 3F – 3J will receive the same talk next Thursday. The boys will then spend some time in PHSE thinking about how they can put the advice into practice. We look forward to welcoming many parents next Thursday evening when they go ‘back to school’ for the evening and learn how to help their sons better study and revise.

The U14A Football Team haven’t had a match since the half-term holiday, so Declan Connolly has enjoyed the rest from reporting. No such luxury for Luke Greenall, so thank you to him for his report:

The first 7’s match of the season against Wellington was actually really well played considering we had around two hours of preparation from a Thursday Games’ session. Our winger Thomas Netterfield really showed his immense speed out wide and his deadly steps that led to a clean run through to receive try after try for our side. Unluckily, however, we lost the first match to Wellington but in our next match against Epsom we showed real commitment and enthusiasm and won the match easily. As John Fisher had not turned up to the match we played Wellington again and this match really showed how much of a good side the Hampton U14’s are. In the lead for half of the first half and drawing by the half-time whistle things were looking up, however, due to lack of training and fitness we lost the second half. All in all it was a good day and Mr Kothakota showed us his expertise, helping us improve in every way we can. Hopefully we will be more successful in our next tournament.

Well done to the following boys, who have all had merits signed off this week: Zach Whelan, Tom Shepherd, George Clarke, Josh Bartholomew, Egor Kaygorodov, Xavier Tinsley-Roy, Jules Lockey, Ollie Hunt, Charlie Sutton, Nathan Murray, Lucca Froud and Vlad Penzyev. Xavier (50 merits) and Vlad (60 merits) will be able to have their certificates presented by Mr Knibbs in his study. Arjun Samra has reached 90 merits, so Mr Woods really will have to head to Costco to buy a suitably large reward!

Fantasy 6 Nations update:

The first weekend of Half Term saw James Bradley’s team ‘Hunters’ put in a big shift in Round 2 of the 6 nations competition, not quite enough to dislodge Jamie Benson’s (3D) team from its lead position in the Third Year league, but enough to earn him some edible treats as the weekly prize goes to the team which scored the most points in a round.