Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

The U14B Football Team reported they were extremely excited about their ESFA quarter final on Thursday afternoon. As this blogger completes puts pen to paper, the whistle has been blown and both teams are bursting with energy… hopefully more on this later!

Both U14 Rugby Teams registered convincing victories at the weekend over Campion at Staines RFC – they U14A won 55-0 and U14B won 59-0.

News from around the Forms:

Declan Connolly (3C) came 10th in a Middlesex Cross Country race putting him first on the waiting list for the national competition (sorry this wasn’t mentioned last week when the rest of the results for this competition came out – Declan must have been dozing!)

Nathan Chapman (3C) is looking forward to racing at Hampton Head this weekend and is hoping it will be sunny! Unfortunately, as I write, we have just learned that Mother Nature obviously spotted this optimism and trumped sunny weather with a flood stream on the Thames and forecast strong winds. Sadly, just as this would be a perilous adventure for ducklings, our J14 rowers will have to sit this one out and wait for the next race – better luck next time, gents!

Rory Cunningham (3C) is currently devising a drama performance which addresses whether Fidel Castro was a good or bad man… hopefully Rory realises that there have been many hundreds of books written about this, none of them particularly short, and so he’s got a big job on his hands to devise this within any reasonable timescale! We’re sure Rory can do it though and good luck to him and his group!

3G were buzzing for their computing test and they all revised hard… the results aren’t yet out!

Jake Amor (3F) and Sam Schomberg (3H) competed in the British Schoolboys’ Ski Race Championships early this week. Sam, competing as U14, came in 4th in the Giant Slalom discipline and Jake secured a top 20 finish in his age group, a brilliant first alpine race position. In the slalom Jake came in 17th for his age and Sam is awaiting a decision to overturn a disqualification. If correct, Sam is expected in the top 5 of the U14. Fingers crossed, Sam and hopefully you did everything right!

Eashen Syal (3A) has completely disproved maths according to Dr Curtis showing that 0=1.

All of the J14 Rowers report they are very excited to have received their personalised rowing kit! Shame they won’t get to wear it for this weekend’s race, but soon!

Rugby 6 Nations – Fantasy Rugby:

The 6 Nations are upon us and Mr. Studt has organised a Fantasy League again. You have got to be in it to win it – go to ESPN Fantasy Rugby and join the Third Year League, code 1310958-44645. You have until Saturday to make a team.

Miss Millar has promised a big edible prize for the overall winner and sizeable consolation sweets for the runners up (hope the boys all brush their teeth!) There will be smaller prizes for individual round winners (your responsibility to collect) and we will include an updated leader board in the blog every week. Get involved! Competition is open to Third Year boys, their mentors and tutors!

…And the results of the Under 14 B Football Cup match are in: sadly, the team lost 3-1 to a strong team from Carshalton Boys’ School. Mr Trivedi, the team’s coach says the following:The U14Bs unfortunately went out at the Quarter Final stage of the ESFA U14B Competition to an extremely strong side from Carshalton Boys School. After going 3-0 at half time to three very well worked goals, the B’s rallied strongly in the second half, with Mikey Ford scoring an excellent goal from a corner, and Jake Manketo making a string of outstanding saves in his performance of the season, to earn himself the man of the match award.

The B’s should be commended on an excellent cup run, reaching the quarter finals of a national competition. There was much to be commended in this performance, and they should be proud of their achievements this year.”

Hampton A Rugby Team match report:

Hampton A and B Team Rugby players played Campion School last Saturday. They turned up and they were a big, big side. Game heads were on and as we received the ball from kick off we played some quality rugby. The ball flew through our back line smoothly, whilst our forwards hit every ruck without fail. Our A Team were without our hooker, Toby Robinson so we had to make last minute changes to our side. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop us from achieving our best performance during the match. A 55-0 win for us and the B’s secured a solid win also.