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2nd Year Blog

This week we start once again with tales of musical glitz and glamour. Jake and Xavier enjoyed a day out on Saturday and have been kind enough to tell us all about it here:

“On Saturday the 28th January, the Choir of the Chapel Royal Hampton Court Palace got on the coach to go to the Royal Albert Hall. When we arrived, we ate pizza for lunch nearby. Then we walked to the Royal Albert Hall to see the ‘Cirque du Soleil’. We had to look extremely smart because we were sitting in the Royal Box! It was very exciting and we all enjoyed the trip.” – Jake Costen (2P)

“Last Saturday, the choristers of the Chapel Royal Hampton court packed themselves into the minibus. We left from Hampton Court on a one-hour drive into South Kensington. After a quick lunch at Pizza Express we headed to the Royal Albert hall and sat down in the majestic Queen’s Box to watch the spectacular and acrobatic show of Ana and Luna. It was a great day and hopefully I can go again next year.” – Xavier Murtagh (2P)

Last week we heard about the Rock Concert and Jazz soirée that were hosted in Hampton’s Hammond Theatre.  This week the Woodwind Concert took place and several of our Second Years were up there on the stage. Many thanks to Tom and Edward who have written this report:

On Tuesday night, the annual Woodwind Concert took place in the Music Hall. There were many great performances including; Sam Colvine (2L) playing a jazz saxophone solo and Edward Finnett (2H) playing a solo on his clarinet and oboe. As well as the many solos, the woodwind groups performed as well including the Senior Clarinet Ensemble featuring Tom Wykes (2H) playing third clarinet. Well done to everyone who performed, it was a great evening! A special thanks goes out to Miss Estall for organising the whole concert! Tom Wykes and Edward Finnett (2H)

With the wide range of lunchtime clubs on offer there really is something for everyone. Alex prefers to spend his lunchtimes practising wood-work rather than woodwind and has just completed a vinyl project at Tech Club:

“In Tech Club, we have been designing our own monograms/logos. We spent a week designing these on paper, before producing a final version on 2D Techsoft. We had to trace these designs out by hand to produce the ideal image. We then compacted these into a usable format before we began to cut. We used a Roland sticker cutter, which would process our design and cut them out of a chosen colour. From there, these monograms were ready for use. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and it will be fun to use these to tag my various possessions.” – Alex Mehta (2L)

Elsewhere Jai Saha and Milo Heard (both 2J) are going along to Samba band for the first time this week. Milo is also keeping busy with Tin Pan Ali preparations. Milo tells us that Tin Pan Ali is going very well and I feel that everybody is really bonding as a group and it is a real team effort. I can’t wait for the performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Jay Heading (2J) is also busy with rehearsals for the show, which he says are progressing well. Jay adds that none of the performers can wait for the performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Everybody is contributing well and most of them have learnt all of our lines.

Break a leg, boys!

Those of you who prefer to pen the story rather than perform it might be interested in BBC Radio 2’s 500 words Creative Writing Competition. The deadline is 7.00pm sharp on Thursday 23rd February. Boys can consult the competition website( for further information and might also like to send an electronic version of their story to Mrs Bartholomew on for possible inclusion in Lion Print 2017.

The numerically gifted amongst us have been getting stuck in to some mathematical problems in the third and final round of the Hampton Maths Challenge. Known as the Olympiad, this challenging competition took place on Wednesday. Sandy and Andrew were two of Second Year’s qualifiers:

The final of the Hampton Maths Challenge was held on Wednesday. There were six questions and 90 minutes to do them in. They required full written solutions, so I ended up writing seven and half pages of A4 for answers. – Sandy Mitchell (2J)

“Yesterday I sat round three of the Hampton Maths Challenge. There were six questions, all of them worth 10 marks and requiring mathematical proof as to why you are right. Although they were tough, I feel like I have done really well.” – Andrew Lees (2P)

The results will be announced by the Headmaster in Assembly after half term.

Despite widespread weather-induced match cancellations, some boys have still found opportunities to compete in sporting events.  There has been no respite for Kabir, who ran at two meets this week.

After a good start to the cross country season, every week has brought a new challenge with different courses and competition. This week has been no exception as I have been competing in the Middlesex Cup championships where racing against the year eights and year nines brought a particularly difficult competition. After climbing the hills of Harrow I finished in 25th overall. With less than 48 hours of recovery I was back on my feet on Parliament Hill in the Southern regional race. This meant I was against people from Portsmouth and even Cornwall. After trudging through mud and hills, I felt like my legs would just collapse; however, I am still yet to receive the results but am looking forward to my next event on Saturday.  – Kabir Sait (2P)

The Table Tennis team have also been busy:

On Monday 30 January Hampton played a table tennis match against another school, Kings College School, Wimbledon. It was the Hampton As and Bs, in the As Sam Collins fourth seed, I was number 3 seed, Rohan Raj (2H) 2 seed and Ollie Coles (2J) 1 seed. Rohan won one of his singles matches and his doubles with Ollie. Unfortunately, no one else won a match, but we had a good time. – Ethan Clapham (2L)

We end today’s blog by congratulating the following boys, who have all reached important merit milestones:  Max Bublik, Leon Griffiths, Tomasz Findlater, Luca Parrish, Adithya Arvind and Roman Feron Clark (20 merits), Alessandro Russell, Kabir Sait and Shane Bowden (30 merits), Rohi Popham (40 merits) Jonah Blake (50 merits) and Nayaaz Hashim and Ben Francis (90 merits).  Well done, boys!