LEH Model United Nations


A total of 19 Hampton boys attended the three day LEH Model United Nations conference to discuss and debate a number of contemporary topics. The boys represented the USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, South Africa and Nigeria in their discussions. A wide variety of topics were addressed, including: global strategies for preventing youth radicalisation, the rights of prisoners, combating nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and the implementation of a global language.

The standard of debate was excellent and Hampton boys took a very active part in proposing and debating resolutions to global problems. In addition, our USA delegation had to come up with a strategy to deal with nuclear stand-off between Trump and Russia.

The Hampton delegates successfully navigated these difficult global problems and learnt a great deal about international issues and diplomacy.

The following boys were given highly commended awards:

Alfie Watkins (5B), representing South Africa in the Political Committee

Henry de Oliveira (5A), representing South Africa in the Special Committee

Egor Kaygorodov (3E), representing Iran in the Special Committee

Fabio Rossi (L6LAT), representing Nigeria in the Political Committee

In addition, the South Africa delegation was highly commended for their overall contribution to the whole conference. The team: Alfie Watkins (5B), Henry de Oliveira (5A) and Louise Strickland-Sweeney (3E).