Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

It has been a short but sweet half term for Third Years at Hampton since the beginning of 2017 – the boys have certainly found a range of ways to impress themselves and each other with their achievements.

Miss Millar and Mr Woods had a fantastic evening at the Junior Musical earlier this week. Hampton and Waldegrave Schools combined forces to present Tin Pan Ali. With a script by Jeremy James Taylor OBE and Music and Lyrics by David Nield, the audience were treated to the familiar story of Ali Baba, the Arabian peasant whose discovery of a magic cave containing a trove of stolen riches leads to wealth and relentless pursuit by a band of forty thieves, except now the setting is Prohibition-era Chicago, our hero is a street sweeper, and the thieves are a bunch of inept gangsters – a tuneful, charming, inspired adaptation of an old chestnut! The boys were incredibly lucky to have the writer himself, Jeremy James Taylor OBE, directing the show. Well done to all Third Year boys involved (Oscar Leonov, Tom Patterson, Josh Batholomew, Charlie Sutton, Toby Droy, Patrick Wall, Jack Lucas, Saul Morrison, Egor Kaygorodov, Callum Daniel), both on stage, with the technical support and in the orchestra – it was a terrific show!

The Heads of Year also report that boys are continuing to collect merits at a furious pace, so much so that Mr Woods will have make another trip to the shops for even better merit prizes as the first boys are beginning to reach the lofty heights of 70 merits or more! When boys reach 50 merits, they begin to receive Headmaster’s Merit Certificates and congratulations go to the boys below, all of whom have passed the 50 merit mark:

Declan Connelly (60)
Matthew Cresswell (80)
Johnny Dinan (50)
Pravin Kiritharan (70)
Hari Prabhu (50)
Arjun Samra (60)
Xavier Tinsley-Roy (50)

Well done to all boys on the merits they have collected so far and keep going!!

Six Nations fever has gripped the Third Year over the past fortnight. Twenty Third Year Form Tutors, Mentors and boys signed up for the yearly Six Nations Fantasy Rugby League. After what was a very exciting first weekend, those with Hogg on their team certainly did better than those who didn’t notice that Sexton is injured and had him as their 10 and kicker. Congratulations to Joseph Dormer, who will presumably share out the weekly winner’s sweets fairly and evenly amongst 3A (sic!). Don’t forget that you can still join and be eligible for the weekly prize, code 1310958-44645