Tin Pan Ali Rehearsals


Hampton boys and girls from Waldegrave Schools are combining forces to present the Junior Musical, Tin Pan Ali.

The production is based on the familiar story of Ali Baba, the Arabian peasant, whose discovery of a magic cave containing a trove of stolen riches leads to wealth and relentless pursuit by a band of forty thieves. However, in this production, the audience is transported to prohibition-era Chicago. Ali Baba is a street sweeper, and the thieves are a bunch of inept gangsters.

Writer, Jeremy James Taylor OBE is the performance Director and has been working hard with the young actors for several months.

There are two evening performances of the show on the 7 and 8 February, and tickets are now available.

7.30pm – 10pm, Tickets: £8 adult and £5 (concession)

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A bar will be open before the show and during the interval. If you have any enquiries regarding tickets, please call: 0208 783 4418.