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3rd Year Blog

Another rockin’ week in the Third Year comes to a close, with music taking centre stage to warm the cockles of our hearts during this icy spell.

Johnny Steel, Nathan Chapplow and Charlie Close of 3A took part in the rock concert last Friday in their band called Phoenix and played “Counting Stars” by One Republic.

Theo Bailey and Ted Buckle of 3A also took part, their band was called The Blueberry Muffins and they played “Holiday” by Green Day.

Keep your ears to the ground for future hits from these budding stars!

On the theme of Performing Arts, well done to the first group of Third Year Drama students who performed their Devised Plays this week! It must be a relief to have finished them and we will now eagerly await group two later in the year!

The U14B Football Team are making great progress through the ESFA competition. They’re through to the quarter-finals after winning their match 9-3 last week. Hot shot Dylan Dyson-Holland claimed the match ball (which he conscientiously gave back to the PE department) after his thumping hat-trick set the course for victory!

Nathan Murray is preparing for the CSGO World Championships, whilst Sathin Wijisena is looking forward to the LEH MUN Conference at the weekend.

James Bradley is delighted to announce he finished 14th out of 70 in the recent Middlesex Cross-Country; this currently puts him the reserve position for the Nationals – well done, James! Felix Elliott has recently received his 2nd Dan Black Belt in karate: the rest of Form 3J are treading carefully around him from now on! And finally, from 3J, congratulations go to Joe Strong on passing his Grade 5 Piano exam with Merit – well done, Joe!

Boys and parents, please do keep your blog-worthy news coming in! This blogger loves hearing about what our talented young men have been getting up to and it’s great to write about it here!

And finally… a teaser…

All Third Year forms should get practising their problem solving skills for the next instalment of the inter-form challenge. Mr Walsh has been devising a fiendishly difficult “escape room” challenge which had this blogger, along with Mr Woods and Miss Millar foxed for quite some time. More news on this to follow… there are still some adjustments to be made to make sure the boys don’t get permanently locked in!