Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Let us begin our blog with a tale of musical success. The annual Rock Concert took place last Friday, with Second Years once again proving to be the stars of the show. The Hammond Theatre was packed to the rafters and the boys rocked the roof off. Shane and Noah were up on stage:

“Last Friday, 22 different acts gathered in the Hammond Theatre for the Winter Rock Concert. The show did not disappoint and the audience were treated to a great night of music.  Several of the acts featured boys from the Second Year including the Intermediate Rock Band. This comprises of seven musicians Oscar Leonov (Third Year) on vocals, myself, (Shane Bowden) on lead guitar, Thomas Wykes (2H) on guitar, Will (First Year) on guitar James Langdown (2P) on bass guitar, Ben Francis (2L) on stage piano, Sebastian (First Year) on stage piano and Kitt (3rd year) on drums. We played two songs, firstly Starlight by Muse (or by Music according to the programme!) and then Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard. It was great to play again in front of an audience of nearly 400 people and we can be very proud that the band “nailed it”. We are all looking forward to the next concert which might be as soon as the end of this term. There were great performances from every act (bands and solo) so congratulations all round, including Alex (First Year) who joined his band on the night with no practice prior to the concert but still played incredibly well.” – Shane Bowden (2P)

“From the start the atmosphere was amazing with the audience being lively. Many boys performed in both group and solo performances. Tom Wykes (2H) performed a great solo performance of Faith by George Michael on the ukulele. The presenter of the night, Bruno, performed an amazing cross lapped guitar solo which caught the eye of the audience massively.  Thank you to everyone that was involved with the concert. It was amazing!”  – Noah Wood (2J)

Well done to all the musicians and thanks to Shane and Noah for their excellent write ups.

Despite the recent wintery weather and frozen pitches, the Hampton Rugby players were able to squeeze in a short match on the 3G on Saturday where they faced strong teams from Warwick School.  Ben Freer (2W) explains how the U13A match unfolded:

“On Saturday 21 January, Hampton’s U13s played Warwick as part of a block fixture. We unfortunately lost but the whole team played really well and the match represents an important turning point. Ethan Knight (2J) scored all three goals for Hampton, but Warwick were just too good for us. At half-time it was 2-2 and we were unlucky not to score with the last play of the half. In the second half we kept up the tempo but they were relentless. – Ben Freer (2W)

Back at School, the year group’s top mathematicians got stuck into the second round of the Hampton Maths Challenge.  Tom sums up the proceedings for us:

“On Wednesday the 26th of January a selection of the First, Second and Third Years attended the Hampton School Maths Challenge. The entrants from Second year were myself, Alessandro Russell, Conor Bleach, Luke McNamara and Fergus MacEacharn. We were given 15 questions, all increasing in difficulty, each worth one mark and we had 60 minutes to finish them. We were only permitted a pencil and we were given some scrap paper to work on. We were told that only about 8 students from each year are able to make it through to the third and final round.” –Tom Olby (2W)

Conor Bleach (2W) describes the challenge as a great event and says that he enjoyed the challenging problems involvedFergus MacEacharn (2W) says the questions were all very hard and Alessandro Russell (2W) confirms that it was a difficult set of questions.  Andrew Lees (2P) adds that the fifteen round two questions were all difficult and required serious thought. He goes on to say although they were tough, I feel like I could make it into the next round. 

Well, the results are in and I am delighted to announce that the following boys have qualified for the final, which will take place next Wednesday, 1 February in the Main Hall from 1.05-2.35pm: Conor Bleach, James Emery, Billy Hutchings, Andrew Lees (Top Scorer), Fergus MacEacharn, Sandy Mitchell, Tom Olby, Abhi Sundaram (Top Scorer) and Younes Tahir (Top Scorer).

The Maths Challenge was not the only event to count (!!!) on Wednesday as Hampton welcomed Ann Daniels, a polar explorer.  Ann visited the School as a Talk! Event which was organised in partnership with LEH Senior Café.  Ben and Sam went along to find out all about Ann’s fascinating career:

Ann Daniels was the first woman in an all-women team to reach both the North Pole and the South Pole, and has since been on many expeditions, which have resulted in incredibly useful scientific data, which is used by scientists worldwide. On top of all of these phenomenal expeditions, Ann is the mother of triplets.  Her incredible tale of trekking through freezing temperatures and sea ice was amazing, and her story of how she became a polar explorer was humorous yet a perfect example of achieving dreams, and not stopping when things get hard.  Many Hampton Boys and LEH seniors turned up for it, and anyone who didn’t missed out!  Her inspirational speech was awe-inspiring, and has encouraged me and my peers to become polar explorers!” –  Ben Francis and Sam Colvine (2L)

The fun didn’t stop there, as on Thursday evening Hampton hosted the award winning jazz musician, Alan Barnes. Joined by Barry Green on piano, Adam King on bass and Seb DeKrom on drums, Alan performed to an excited crowd at the Hammond Theatre. There was also a short performance from the Hampton School Swing and Jazz Bands. Second Year saxophonist Arthur gives the event a big thumbs up:

“I performed at the jazz concert last night and I am pleased to say that it was a great success. The Swing Band played extremely well and so did the Jazz Band. Also the afternoon master classes were a success and were very helpful. The professional players were amazing as they were extremely talented and skilled. It was spectacular.” – Arthur Hopley (2P)

Speaking of saxophonists, this week we say a big congratulations to Roman Feron Clark (2H) who has recently been awarded a Distinction in his Grade 2 Alto Saxophone.  Well done, Roman!

Let’s also take this opportunity to congratulate the following boys on their latest merit achievements: Luke Paskin and Arthur Bothamley (10 merits), Noah Wood and Arthur Hopley (20 merits), Alex Upshall, Sandy Mitchell and Thomas de Gruchy (30 merits), Sohan Sodhi, Jai Saha and Jonah Blake (40 merits), Rohan Vasudev (50 merits), Sam Colvine (60 merits) and Nayaaz Hashim (80 merits). Don’t forget to get your merits signed off at Mrs Owen’s office on Wednesdays!