Holocaust Memorial Ceremony

School News

Hampton boys from the Fourth and Fifth Year were invited to the Mayor of London’s 2017 Holocaust Memorial Ceremony at City Hall. The boys, Paul Wilkinson, Fergus McWilliams and Chris Gilmore are part of the Genocide80Twenty pupil action group which has gained national recognition for its work in raising awareness of recent genocides among young people.

During the ceremony, Hampton School was publicly thanked for its work in Holocaust Education, and the boys received warm praise from many of the London Borough Mayors attending the ceremony along with MPs and charity representatives.

The Genocide80Twenty group with the help of the Hampton History Department recently held a Genocide Awareness Day for 150 pupils from across London. Attended by survivors of four recent genocides and historian and TV presenter Dan Snow, the aim of the day was to teach the younger generation about the horrors of genocides in order to prevent such tragic events ever reoccurring. A professional film crew volunteered their services for the day in support of Hampton School’s work, and produced a short video of the day.