Flying Aces


Hampton air cadets have been enjoying stints in the pilot’s seat this term. Fifth Year pupils, Peter Woo and James Reilly, flew over the Vale of the White Horse on a trip to RAF Benson. Cadets sit side-by-side with a pilot, taking control for segments of the flight. It is a thrilling experience with the pilot often performing loop-the-loops, barrel rolls and stall turns.

Upper Sixth cadet, Alex Witt’s commitment to the RAF was recognised when he was selected to attend an Air Cadet Pilot Scheme in Teeside. The scheme provided him with 12 hours flight training at the end of which he was able to fly solo. Alex says it was an unforgettable experience:


It was unnerving going up and quite a shock when you realise you are on your own. When I was up there I was concentrating so hard that I couldn’t take everything in. Then when I touched down the euphoria (and the relief) kicked in.

Alex received his ‘wings’ from The Headmaster. He has received an offer from Oxford University to study engineering after which he hopes to become a pilot with the RAF.