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1st Year Blog

It is a rare occasion on which I would exhort the First Year boys to rock on – the words sound so much more credible when they come from Mr Barber – but it seems an appropriate form of encouragement this week following last Friday’s stunning Rock Concert in the Hammond Theatre. Seb Lear, Will Aust, James Clark and William Heyes proved themselves worthy successors to Old Hamptonian Brian May.  Rumours of a headlining spot at Glastonbury are yet to be confirmed, but will be conditional on boys catching up any missed work.

This week potential scholars for next year’s First Year joined us on Friday, and many thanks to the following boys who helped out on the day (with apologies to anybody I might inadvertently have missed out): Tom Shtasel, Leanesh Sivakumar, Arjan Sian, Timothy Lee, Conor McNeany, Ollie Drew, Theo Mantle-Cooper, Pranav Santhosh, Johnny Evans Hutchinson, Praveen Kumarasinghe, Sam Brewster, Alasdair Jennings, Nathan Kent, Joe Moylan-Jones, Eric Rodrigues, Ben Robinson, Will Aust, Marcus Taylor, Seb Lear, James Morgan, George Garofalo, Edwin Martin, Henri Beavilain, Xavier Miklichansky-Maddocks, Joe Moylan-Jones, Oliver Tang, Matthew Sedgwick, Freddie Skinner, Harry Spencer, Cameron Hill, James Clark and Henry Donaldson. Your help in Rugby, Athletics, Cricket, Drama, Football, Music, Chess or just in looking after our visitors was hugely appreciated by the staff, and by the visiting boys too.

The Hampton Maths Invitational continues to strain mental sinews to the limit, with Round 2 taking place on Wednesday lunchtime. The qualifiers from Round one were put through their paces in a tough one hour paper and many congratulations to our finalists: Krishna Wijayasingam, Nicholas Allen, Dhruv Duggal, Jack Hardy, Archie Kimble, Timothy Lee, Tristan Robinson, Louis Simmonds-Gooding and Harry Spencer.

While the weather has taken it’s toll on recent fixtures, Cameron Hill reports on last weekend’s Rugby match for the U12As:

“Leaving behind frozen pitches at Hampton on Saturday morning, we arrived at Warwick to muddy pitches.  The teams had a quick warm up and then it was game on.  Unfortunately, Warwick scored an early try due to Hampton missing tackles. Warwick continued to dominate the game through accurate passing and direct running.  Just before half time Hampton crossed over the line with a great run from Henry Donaldson to get us on the score sheet. Mr Davieson’s half time motivation talk lifted our spirits but unfortunately Warwick were consistent with their tackles when Hampton were not.  So, there is work to be done before our next fixture. Thank you to all the coaches for taking us up to Warwick.” – Cameron Hill

Finally, congratulations to our Tutee of the Week Tom Banks for his all-round contributions to school life and his fantastic enthusiastic outlook and positive presence, Mr Roland has been particularly impressed with his attitude in our Junior Musical “Tin Pan Ali”, rehearsals. Tickets are still available for this exciting school event – please do book through the Hammond Theatre Website link below.

Hammond Theatre website 

Mr. T. Hill