First Year Blog

1st Year Blog

A very warm welcome back to all First Years and their parents. I hope you all enjoyed a restful, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Although the Spring Term is just a couple of days old, our high-achieving boys have still given me plenty to include in this week’s bulletin, dashing any hopes I might have had of easing myself back into the swing of things gently.

This Monday saw over 500 nervous boys descend on Hampton for the 11+ entrance exam. I was delighted that a large number of current First Years volunteered to help out on the day, showing the candidates round, chatting to them, and dispensing penguins and reassurance in generous quantities.  They were kind, considerate and helpful – in short, wonderful ambassadors for the School, and my heartfelt thanks to Tej Mosaku, Edward Clarke, Isaac Foster, Cameron Hill, Timothy Lee, Oliver Tang, Praveen Kumarasinghe, Aadam Shahzad, Jack Hardy, Nathan Kent, Matthew Sedgwick, Theo Joy-Page, William Aust, Alexander Cresswell, Dhruv Duggal, Akshat Mathur, Eric Rodrigues, Samay Gajree, Oscar White, Freddy Liang, Leanesh Sivakumar, Arya Lim-Amiri, Sherjeet Khan, Xavier Mikilichansky-Maddocks, Dominic Must and Zain Khan. With such a long list of eager helpers, it is easy to lose track, and sincere apologies for any sins of omission (or, indeed, of inclusion).

Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate Kai Kelly who is this week’s ‘Tutee of the Week’ for the incredible thoughtfulness and kindness that he has demonstrated to another tutee. A thoroughly deserved achievement Kai.

We may be only two days into term, but the merits are already flowing nicely. The boys should remember that their merits do carry over from last term, and that merits do count towards the Founder’s Cup which is awarded at the end of the Summer Term to the Form that has competed best in all inter-form competition over the year.

I cannot wait to see what the Spring Term will bring. I am looking forward to it with great enthusiasm, confident in the expectation that I will be cataloguing numerous achievements here week-in-week-out.  My very best wishes for the term ahead, and for 2017 – I hope it is a happy and successful year for all of you.

Mr T. Hill