Careers Evening


Hampton is hosting a Careers Convention on 2 February. The purpose of this is to give boys (mainly those in the Fifth Year) and their parents the chance to talk to representatives about entrance qualifications, training, examinations, type of work, prospects etc., in various careers and professions.

This year’s evening will take place from 7.00 to 9.00pm in the Main Hall at Hampton. The Lady Eleanor Holles, our neighbouring girls’ school, will be co-hosting the event, which will thus be held on two sites. Together the two schools hope to have a very wide array of careers advice and we expect a constant flow of family groups between the two school sites. Many of the advisers will be parents or former pupils from the two schools and we hope that this will make it easier for boys and girls to converse with them on an informal basis.

We hope that as many boys as possible will take advantage of this opportunity of finding out about careers. It is useful for boys going on to university to have at least some idea of what careers would subsequently be open to them, and the purpose of the evening is primarily information gathering. I

Every boy, therefore, should be able to find some useful contacts. I hope your son will be able to come and that he will find the evening interesting and useful. You will be very welcome to come with him – we have often found in the past that some boys get more out of the evening if their parents accompany them. Boys do not need to wear school uniform but they should dress smartly.

List of Delegates and Further Information

Careers Convention 2017