Happy Christmas Second Years

2nd Year Blog

This week, in our final blog of the year, we share some of the boys’ highlights from the Autumn Term.

Let’s kick off with some of the football related moments mentioned! This term Olly Coles (2J) made it into the B team and Thomas De Gruchy’s (2W) highlight was also playing for the B team for a second year running and then beating Whitgift in one of the most exciting matches of the season. Ben Pearce (2P) got into the C team for the first time, a big jump from last season when he played in the E team. Sam Cummings (2J) made it into the Ds, it was right at the beginning of the term but is still his highlight and Alessandro Russell (2W) was also upgraded to the D team but thinks that he can do better still so will keep trying to get into a higher team. The highlight for Sohan Sodhi (2W) has been moving up to the D team and then later becoming captain. Jay Heading (2J) and Arthur Bothamley (2W) are pleased with improving their football skills and are looking forward to continuing to do so next term. Matthew Lawrence and Luca Parrish (both 2P) are looking forward to inter-form football competition next year. For Luca, the highlight of the term was the U13A football team’s 10-0 victory in the ISFA cup 1st round match. Billy Atkinson, Jonah Blake and Xander Wright (all 2W) chose the U13A’s 3-2 win against Whitgift as their highlight, especially as the team came back from 2-0 down at half time. The boys credit this to their solid defensive display and an incredible attacking force. Milo Heard (2J) scored his first goal for the school in the match against Ibstock and Noah Wood (2J) scored a goal from the halfway line. As his highlight, Jamie Lund (2J) picked beating Chigwell 3-0 by all own goals!

For rugby players Tom Ketel (2P), Ethan Knight (2J), Sam Davidson (2J) and Ben Freer (2W) the highlight of the year so far has to be winning the plate at the Middlesex festival. Tom says: After a tough morning we came back to not lose a game in the afternoon. Everybody played their hearts out, so that was the highlight of the year for the rugby team. Ben adds: It was great because we all played great and was really tense. Matthew Hibbert (2P) also had a rugby related highlight; he scored two tries against St. John’s Beaumont. Tomasz Findlater (2W), Jack Pearce (2J) and Huw Harris (2J) have enjoyed the regular weekend fixtures and Isaac Mann (2P) was delighted to move from the B team into the A team, a move which really boosted his confidence as I felt like a much better rugby player and so I tried much harder. Max Broughton (2W) has also made an appearance for the As this term. Max says that he did not expect this to happen and hopes that, after being dropped back to the Bs, he can move up again at some point in 2017. Arthur Hopley (2J) describes the term as splendid, despite the fact that he broke his hip! He played a lot of rugby games, a lot won and a few lost.

For Samaksh Agarwal (2J) the highlight thus far was representing Hampton at badminton and Luke Michels (2J) chose the Inter-form badminton and table tennis competitions as his top pick.

Some of the boys’ best moments related to achievements on the academic front. Luke Walsh (2W) liked meeting all the new teachers at the start of the year and going on all the fun school trips. Luca Boucher (2P) has enjoyed having a multitude of exciting and interesting lessons. James Bantick (2J) is proud to have achieved the best score in one of the maths tests and Shane Bowden’s (2P) team won the end of term quiz in Biology. Sandy Mitchell (2J) enjoyed going into the language lab for the first time whereas Mac Crawford (2W) loved learning about renewable energy in Geography. Arthur Hopley (2P) says that in the classroom everything is great and all the teachers are great. I can’t wait for next term and the Christmas holiday. Maximilian Bublik, Luke MacNamara, Fergus MacEacharn, Oliver Glenn, Sam Berthon and Toby Kerr (all 2W) enjoyed the North Korea lecture by Jeremy Hunter as it was very interesting. Toby said: I was surprised by how much I didn’t know about the notoriously secretive state.

 School trips feature high on the boys’ lists of memorable moments. Mac Crawford (2W) and Luke MacNamara (2W) enjoyed going to the Natural History Museum and Luke is looking forward to going on the junior ski trip. Ollie Hartley (2P) says that the Berlin trip was great fun and I really enjoyed it. The best bit was the zoo. The Berlin trip was also Ludo’s highlight of this term: We went to all the places I had wanted to visit and we had loads of fun all day everyday. James Langdown (2P) loved going to Rockley sea sports centre because he made new friends and did sea sports that he had not had the opportunity to do before. Theo Wedge, Ben Wix and Xandy Slater (all 2J) are looking forward to the Barcelona trip at the end of next term, while Olly Coles (2J) is looking forward to the Ajax football tour.

Fraser Dunlop (2W) and Maximilian Bublik’s (2W) proudest moment of the term was getting 10 merits and being able to get them signed off by Mrs Owen. This week we also congratulate Rohan Raj and Vathshan Ramanakanthan of 2H (20 merits), Rohi Popham of 2L (30 merits) and Nayaaz Hashim of 2H (70 merits).

For Max Braszkowski and Matthew Lawrence (both 2P) the highlight from this term was when Mrs Samuel brought lots of sweets into the class and we took handfuls. Max adds that he is looking forward to eating turkey and lots of food over Christmas!

Sam Walker’s (2P) highlight is a little more unusual; he landed a backflip on ground. Sam says: It took me a lot of practice and hard work but I finally got it last week. I started by trying to learn a backflip on the trampoline which took a lot of courage as it is going over your head, although I did get it pretty quickly. After I mastered the trampoline it was time to go to ground. I started with a mattress and practised for one full day. As I have joined a trampolining club I could also practise there. So last week they got the mats out and I went for it. The feeling was amazing when I landed it and all the hard work had paid off.

For Joe Cowley (2W) the most important moment of the term was his visit to the food bank to help the people that needed it. Mrs Samuel coordinated the food collection and was overwhelmed by the donations that she received. The six Second Year form Charity Reps. delivered the overflowing boxes of food on Thursday morning. Thank you so much for your generous donations.

The Second Year Charity Reps have been busy bees this week as, as well as their morning at the food bank, they also co-ordinated ticket sales for the Form Charity Christmas Quiz and Good Gifts purchases. Mr Rigby and Dr Langdon ran a very successful quiz, which was hosted by the inimitable Mr Helmsley, on Tuesday lunchtime. More than 140 Hampton and LEH pupils came together to tackle questions on sport and general knowledge and to take on celebrity photobombing and dingbat challenges. Congratulations to the winners from table 15: Ally Cutting, Sasha Hammond, Aisha-Jane Harris (LEH) and Alex Mehta (2L), Louis Middleton (2L), Oliver Pulfrey Baker (2L) and Raul Sethurajan (2L). This year’s Good Gifts purchases have been as important as ever: 2L are buying three lots of vital life-saving medicine and some vegetable seeds for an African family to grow their own, whereas 2J have clubbed together to help fund volunteers to stop food waste in Israel and have bought a drip irrigation system for a village in Africa and both 2J and 2W are buying treadle pumps, a person-powered pump that offers a simple, cheap, low-maintenance solution to drawing water in Africa where clean water is needed for drinking, cooking, irrigating crops and feeding livestock. Thank you all for your donations and Merry, Merry Christmas!

Miss Byrne: Assistant Head of Second Year