This week saw Bob Dylan receive a Nobel prize for literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. The guitar is Dylan’s instrument of choice, but what are the origins of this instrument?

The term guitar is used describe an instrument having a long fretted neck, flat wooden soundboard, ribs and a flat back. By the 12th century there were at least two designs from Spain which were coined the name ‘guitar’ following on from the lute and the oud’s features. The 1930’s saw a development from Gibson and Fender of electric guitars, using electromagnetic pickups to convert the vibration into signals and in turn, sound.

News from the forms:

US Politics Update: according to the latest class poll, 3A is firmly behind Hillary Clinton, save for two dissenting voices.

Most of 3G went on an Art trip on Wednesday, and the coach was ‘lit’ thanks to the banging tunes.

Mikey Ford (3A) holds the classroom bottle flipping record of 14.

Theo Radicopoulos (3C) is excited to be going on the tennis trip to Majorca.

Sathin Wijisena (3G) went on a scout hike to Burnham Beach.

Joseph Dormer (3A) sailed a very unsteady boat called a twenty-niner at the weekend.

Lucas Mangham (3C) celebrated his birthday last week and loves his new watch. He has also enjoyed playing Fifa 17.

Callum Daniel (3A) took part in the building of the set for the upcoming West Side Story and will be an assistant stage manager for the shows.

Hashim Al-Obaidi (3C) can’t wait for Liverpool to win at the weekend… good luck with that!

Charlie Close (3A) took part in the South East Zone regionals for sailing and came 17th.

Patrick Wall 3A and Jack Lucas 3A have been called back for the musical Tin Pan Ali!

Sam Sparrow (3G) fasted for 25 hours on Wednesday as part of his religion.


Sports news:

U14A Rugby team lost 34-14 to St Benedict’s.

U14B Rugby team won 64-12 against the same opposition.

U14A Football, Match Report against Alleyns:

After a long coach journey, Hampton started the game with high intensity and soon Hampton took the lead with a cross from Milo Choudhry (3B) where Declan Connolly (3C/Captain) met the ball with his head and placed it into the bottom corner of the net. After that Hampton hit the post with a great through ball from Thomas Banks (3H) and Declan Connolly (3C/Captain) shot but the keeper saved it and it hit the post and Alleyn’s defence cleared it out. After a series of free kicks, conceded off the edge of the box from Hampton, the half time whistle went.

After half time Sami Omaar (3F) came close with a shot hitting the post. As the final whistle was approaching Hampton were clinging onto the lead with some great defending from the whole team especially Maxi Grindley (3C) and Robbie Cox (3D). It looked like Alleyns had scored but Oscar Murphy pulled off a great save to get it clear. There was however time for one last counter attack where Hampton were three on one, and a great pass from Alasdair Bolling (3J) to Theo Radicopoulos (3C) ( who skilled the defender and placed his shot in the bottom right corner) made the score 2-0. As this was the last kick of the game the score finished 2-0.Overall it was a good team performance from everyone to keep a clean sheet and to finish the game scoring 2 goals.

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