The latest news on what has been happening in the Third Year this week:

Jack Slaney (3G) packed Godin on Fifa 17, and completed The Journey: apparently it’s not as good as everyone thinks.

Alex McMillan (3D) went to the NFL game at Wembley this weekend. He enjoyed all the hype surrounding the game and the entertainment between plays. Could Alex be an NFL star in the making?!

Jasper Ferguson (3G) created a £70 clash royale tournament. He spent £60 on a pack and didn’t get a legendary.

Nathan Murray (3G) gave away an interception try at the weekend.

Lucca Froud (3G) landed a dab bottle flip. 3G were astounded.

A little later than you might expect… the ski team news from last week: On Monday 26th of September, Sam Schomberg, Jake Amor, Arjun Paintal and Josh Van’t Hoff went to the BISS Indoor Ski Shampionships in Hemel Hempstead. In the U14 competition Arjun finished 12th, Josh finished 23rd and Sam finished 2nd. In the U16 race Jake finished 15th. The Hampton A Team finished 4th out of 21 teams – a highly creditable result and an enjoyable afternoon on the slopes for all involved!
Another bumper week of match reports with two fixtures as described by our U14A football captain:

On a rainy, miserable Saturday Hampton U14 A team played Ardingly. The game started with some early possession from both sides but the Hampton front three of Theo Radicopoulos (3C), Sami Omaar (3G) and Alasdair Bolling (3J) kept on breaking forward and looked very dangerous on the counter attack. With several chances missed from Hampton, they finally scored with Sami Omaar (3F) and Alasdair Bolling (3J) playing a clever interchange which then allowed Alasdair Bolling (3J) to find some room for the shot which he buried into the bottom corner. It didn’t take long for Hampton to score again with Hampton launching a counter attack and a pass from Theo Radicopolous (3C) which went to Sami Omaar (3F) and he calmly chipping the keeper. Ardingly found their rhythm and soon started to see more of the ball, this meant Oscar Murphy (3F) was brought into action but made sure he was going to get another clean sheet.

The third goal was scored by Theo Radicopoulos (3C) when Declan Connolly (Captain/3C) unselfishly passed it to him to score.

As the final whistle approached Sami Omaar (3F) won a penalty which captain Declan Connolly (3C) took and calmly put into the bottom right corner to make it 4-0 to Hampton at half-time. Alasdair Bolling (3J) was quick to make a mark after half time, quickly scoring back to back goals to get himself a hat trick and to extend Hampton’s lead to 6 goals to nil. Ardingly started to put on more pressure which again forced Oscar Murphy (3F) to make some saves of the season to deny Ardingly from scoring. Declan Connolly (3C) won a free kick on the edge of the area which Theo Radicopoulos (3C) swung in and Sharyar Rezvani (3F) got on the end of. There was time for one last chance where Nathan Chapplow (3A) skilled up the defender and shot and curled it into the top corner of the net. Overall it was a good 8-0 win against a decent Ardingly side and Hampton look forward to playing Richard Challoner in the ESFA cup Round 2 on Monday.

Hampton U14 A team played Richard Challoner in the ESFA cup knockout competition on Monday 3rd October. The game started with some early possession with Sami Omaar (3F) having a chance from a through ball from Declan Connolly (Captain/3C). Richard Challoner applied lots of pressure on Hampton but the back four of Maxi Grindley (3C), Robbie Cox (3D), Shahryar Rezvani (3F) and Matthew Groves resisted the pressure applied on them. The next big chance for Hampton came when Sami Omaar (3F) played the ball to Alasdair Bolling (3J) and he skilfully got away from his defender to shoot but it just went wide. The match was end to end with some great defending from both Hampton and Richard Challoner and some great display of keeping from Oscar Murphy (3F) to keep Hampton in the game and also Richard Challoner’s keeper who was also keeping them in the game. Although so much had happened in the first half, the half ended 0-0. Hampton came out in the second half with determination and soon it looked like they had taken the lead with Thomas Banks’ shot which forced another magnificent save from the Richard Challoner keeper. However Richard Challoner took the lead after they launched a counter attack and their striker got into a goal-scoring position and shot and hit the crossbar and unfortunately it just about sneaked in. Hampton responded with a through ball from Matthew Groves which Milo Choundry (3A) met. The keeper came out but was no match for Milo’s pace and Milo’s shot found the back of the net. With the final whistle approaching it looked like the game was going into extra time but after Hampton lost possession in a vulnerable area , Richard Challoner’s striker took advantage and placed it into the bottom corner of the net, at first it looked like Oscar Murphy (3F) had saved it but then it creeped over the line. Despite all the efforts Hampton gave in the last few minutes of the game Richard Challoner saw the game out. Although the result did not go Hampton’s way it was a good team performance against a strong Richard Challoner side.

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