Miss Field and Mr Agulian are pleased to report on Model UN news involving several 3rd year boys who took part in the Reigate MUN conference on Saturday:

Egor Kaygorodov(3E), Tom Patterson (3E), Ben Green (3E), Matthew Cresswell(3A),  Sathin Wijesena(3G), and Jasper Ferguson (3G).

Miss Field reports that they all did very well as it was their first conference. Notable performances were turned in by Ben and Matthew or who were involved in a technical discussion in the Security Council about Turkish airstrikes on Kurds. Egor did particularly well for a first-timer, winning a highly commended certificate for his representation of Cuba on the social and human rights committee. He also won the highly coveted (informal) award ‘mostly likely to be a dictator’!

Looking around the Third Year forms this week:

3A has been having a good time making use of the giant chessboard outside their form room even if one of the pawns is missing!

Unfortunately many members of 3A have been suffering with a head cold… not as a result of too much chess!

Vladimir Penzyev (3A) is currently reading the Alex Rider series and is thoroughly enjoying it.

3D’s Dylan Straker-Grimes has released his first YouTube video; his mentor Hugh Dickens has heard it is brilliantly edited.

In other internet related news, Jasper Ferguson 3G reached Frozen Peak in Clash Royale. On his Thursday lunchtime patrol, Mr. Studt witnessed him practising his bottle flipping in the form room – his daily max of 12 was nowhere near his record of 27 successful flips which, as far as Mr. Studt knows, is the current high score in the Third Year.

A few pet related news items: after hamster Forrest’s untimely death, Morgan Worsfold-Gregg 3D has been to Pets at Home to look for a new one. His form is awaiting news of the name.

Happier news for Nathan Murray and Sam Sparrow 3G, who both celebrated their dogs 3rd birthdays on Wednesday! Happy Birthday Dela and Jessie!

In all things musical, Sathin Wijesena (3G) is looking forward to performing in the upcoming New Boys’ Concert. For many this is the first time the boys will have had the opportunity to perform on the Hammond Theatre stage – please do come along and support the boys on Thursday 24 November if you are able to.

Angus Whitworth, also 3G, sang in Windsor Castle on Monday as part of Her Majesty’s Coronation Celebrations

Lots of kindness in Form 3B, worth a mention is Elliot Henton who, when he heard his younger brother and sister arguing downstairs came down to sort out the squabble… they were arguing over who should eat the last chocolate digestive – Elliot kindly ended the dispute by eating it himself!!!!!


Oscar Barrell (3B) spoke at the School’s Open Morning, although he missed one speech whilst seeking out fresh cakes, which put his Head of Year, Mr Woods, in a rather difficult position when he was nowhere to be found! Despite this slight, hiccup, Mr Woods reports that Oscar spoke incredibly well – to share a stage with the Headmaster in front of hundreds of people and after just three weeks at Hampton is a brilliant feat – well done, Oscar! Oscar is clearly a fan of baked goods as he baked a cake for his granny over the weekend – how kind! Oscar’s Form Tutors, Mrs Reilly and Miss Busby are wondering their cake is…


Members of 3C enjoyed helping out on Open Morning; their highlight was carrying out experiments in Chemistry!

In sporting news: Josh Culshaw (3G) reached the Top 100 in the County in Tennis – well done, Josh! Archie Thornton and Jules Lochey (3J) are super excited and pumped for the Football B Team clash against Ravenswood on 29 September – their form is expecting to hear of a grand victory on Friday! David Ellis (3B) was in the Rugby Team that scored an impressive 42-0 against Halliford School – he is still walking on air – but Mrs Reilly was even more excited by 3B’s contribution.

3F’s Form Tutor Mr. Walsh will become a regular blog contributor sharing POW’s Big Wows – the invention of the week.

The first one: Yesterday marks the birthday of a man who popularised an item every school boy uses on a daily basis. In 1948 the Hungarian newspaper editor, László Biró, developed the pressurised ink well to complement the ballpoint pen which had first been designed 50 years before. Using capillary action, the new design prevented the constant leaking from the earlier designs. So, next time you pick up your pen, remember there has been a lot of work put in to perfect it!

And finally, it’s a bumper week of match reports for the U14A Football Team which played fixtures against Forest Hill School (in the ESFA cup) and Eton College last week, as well as the Rugby Team, who celebrated a historic win against Halliford:

Match Report: Hampton U14A Rugby v Halliford

The U14A’s began their cup campaign with a commanding 44-0 victory over neighbouring school Halliford. After a strong start, Hampton broke the deadlock in the first 10 minutes, with a try in the left corner. Fly-half Jamie Benson couldn’t convert, however Hampton soon scored again. Halliford struggled to cope with Hampton’s power, and went into the interval 20-0 behind. A strong second half ensued, and Hampton finished with an 8 try victory to progress to the second round.

Match Report: Hampton U14A football v Forest Hill School

After a long coach ride to South London for their first round game against Forest Hill, Hampton started strongly dominating the game with some precision passing and possession. Alasdair Bolling (3J) gave Hampton an early lead where he latched onto a pass from midfield, drifted passed the keeper and placed it into an empty net. Hampton extended their lead when Theo Radicopoulos (3C) won a free kick on the edge of the area. Shahryar Rezvani’s accurate cross was met by Declan Connolly (3C) who buried the ball into the bottom corner to make it 2-0. Shortly after the Forest Hill goalkeeper lost concentration and Sami Omaar (3F) nipped in front of the keeper to nod the ball home. Forest Hill started to pose their first threat on Hampton with some chances forcing Oscar Murphy (3F) to make some great saves. After half time Forest Hill kept knocking on the door but good defensive play from Oli Burke (3H) Thomas Banks (3H) and Declan Connolly (3C) kept Forest Hill out, however after their hard endeavour Forest Hill scored a goal. Hampton responded strongly with Alasdair Bolling’s (3J) strike misjudged by the Forest Hill goalkeeper. Forest Hill kept knocking on the door but the Hampton defence of Maxi Grindley (3C), Robbie Cox , Shahryar Rezvani and Matt Groves blocking the shots was resilient. As the final whistle approached there was time for one last counterattack as Sami Omaar crossed the ball for Nathan Chaplow (3A) to finish decisively. Hampton won 5-1 with a good performance and progress to the next round of the ESFA cup.

Match Report: Hampton U14A football v Eton College

On Saturday 24th September Hampton faced Eton. The match started with some early possession from Hampton who had some chances which fell to Theo Radicopolous (3C) from a corner where he shot but it was cleared off the line. Alasdair Bolling curled a shot which was going right into the corner but the height of their keeper allowed him to catch it easily and start a counter attack. Finally Declan Connolly (3C) managed to wiggle away from the defender and find room for a shot, which was saved wide. Eton found their way back in it and started playing their football but Hampton denied them any chance of scoring. With Declan Connolly’s (3C) pin point through balls going to the front three of Theo Radicopolous (3C), Sami Omaar (3F) and Alasdair Bolling (3J) it allowed the team to push up and have a breather after several Eton attacks. Sami Omaar was doing exceptionally well and was giving the defenders a nightmare. However disaster struck when Eton launched a counter attack and some major defensive errors led to a situation where their striker was 1v1 on Oscar Murphy (3F) and Oscar was inches away from stopping the shot but it went in. Hampton came back with positive play and were all over Eton with several chances which would gone in any day but the height of the keeper was causing problems for Hampton. After half time , Hampton committed men forward, in order to get a goal back. This meant Eton had some counter attacks but Shahryar Rezvani was on top form and was giving no mercy to the defenders to get the ball back and give it to the midfielders. With some more excellent play from Declan Connolly (3C) who was having one of the best games he ever played in a Hampton shirt, the goal looked to be coming as he was causing problems, but with Hampton not finishing the chances, that were handed to them they looked to be in trouble. In the last few minutes of the game Hampton should have been awarded a penalty and a free kick in a very dangerous position but both of them were not given. The final whistle went and Hampton had learnt a lot from the defeat, we look forward to playing Eton in the cup later on in the year. Declan Connolly (3C) had the game of his life with Shahryar Rezvani (3F) and Sami Omaar (3F) definitely putting in performances to remember.

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