Third Years have settled into their routines in week three back at school. All are getting used to new teachers and the slight increase in homework volume. Many are trying out new clubs and activities at lunchtimes and those who aren’t… well they’re missing out!

Here’s the latest news from boys across the year group:

Congratulations to Jack Lucas and Patrick Wall (3A) who both auditioned successfully for the Voices of Lions.

George Jones (3B) deems the most agonising part of having a broken arm to be having to wear a blazer over it…

George Clarke (3A) managed to throw a bottle up and land it on the cap twice.

Sami Omaar (3F) achieved 107 in the bleep test… apparently that is very good!?! Well done, Sami!

Oscar Barrell (3B) is chuffed to have been chosen by Mr Woods to do a New Boys’ presentation on Open day.

Thomas Cross (3A) returned to his prep school to deliver a talk on scholarship exams to a large audience.

Leo Gregory (3D) spent last weekend teaching his little brother to ride his bike. He isn’t too sure that Noah will be off stabilisers in a rush….

Meanwhile Christopher Austin (3A) enjoyed a spot of Pokémon hunting over the weekend with his friends.

In sporting news… Mikey Ford (3A) remains form bottle flipping champion.

Dylan Dyson-Holland (3F) was delighted to score for the U14B Football team in a thumping 8-2 victory against Bede’s.

Josh Breadmore (3F) was inspired by the GB tennis team, oh wait… well he won a tennis tournament last week anyway, so perhaps he can lend them a hand next time.

Milo Choudhry (3B) bagged 2 assists on his Hampton debut to secure an impressive win for the B team last Saturday

Nick Thomas (3D) perfected his side flip on the trampoline over the weekend. The backflip is next up on his to-do list!

Alex Syratt (3H) learnt a new card trick.  Rafe Bletso (3H) is very much looking forward to the swimming gala later today.

Finally, all of the boys in 3C can’t wait to help out on Saturday at Open Morning, be it with showing parents around the school or with individual departments.

And last, but definitely not least, it’s the U14A Football match report – Hampton vs Bede’s

On a cloudy Saturday Morning Hampton U14 A team played Bedes A team. The match started with a high intensity from Bedes who dominated early possession, hardly allowing Hampton to get a touch of the ball in the first 10 minutes. While Bedes were moving Hampton side to side they couldn’t get into the box so were forced to shoot from outside the box, this then meant that Maxi Grindley (3C) and Robbie Cox (3D) were forced to lunge into the tackle putting their body on the line. As the minutes passed the game started to open up more and a great ball from Alasdair Bolling (3J) put Sami Omaar through on goal and Sami was sure he didn’t miss calmly placing into the bottom corner of the net. After this goal Bedes came back straight away putting some pressure onto Hampton with Oli Burke (3H) , Danilo Delic (3C) and Thomas Banks (3H) in midfield trying to resist the pressure applied on them. With some excellent fullback display from Nathan Chaplow and Matt Groves. Bedes equalised with a superb curling long range shot . Oscar Murphy was making some great saves and was showing leadership from the back. Mikey Ford and Theo Radicopoulos (3C) causing problems on the wing and Lucas Wallace (3C) coming on to give balance. With Half time score at 1-1 the game was open to either side for the taking. The second half started with some positive play from both teams but especially Alasdair Bolling (3J) who was giving the defenders a nightmare and soon he got the ball on the edge area and saw the keeper of his line and lobbed the ball over him to make the score 2-1 to Hampton. Theo Radicopoulos (3C) , Declan Connolly (3C) , Sami Omaar (3F) and Alasdair Bolling (3J) all looked a threat on the counter attack and soon Hampton got further chances to make it 3-1 with first of all Declan Connolly’s (3C) top corner strike brilliantly saved by the Bedes’ keeper, individual skill from Alasdair Bolling (3F) who took on 5 players around the box although his shot was cleared of the line. The final score was 3-1.

A resilient and determined Hampton U14A team effort against a very strong Bede’s side and they look forward to their first ISFA cup fixture on Thursday.

Declan Connolly – U14A captain

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