This week the Second Years headed into central London for their annual Biology trip to the Natural History Museum.  It was a great day out and a good time was had by all.  Our thanks go to Mrs Martin for organising the trip and to Thomas Norman and Xandy Slater (both 2J) who have written these brilliant accounts of their day there:


On Tuesday there was a Biology trip to the Natural History Museum. I arrived expecting to learn about dinosaurs, as that is the first thing to spring to mind when I hear the words Natural History Museum. Instead we saw and studied a myriad of amazing and captivating creatures, from the giant blue whale to the small acorn barnacle. We visited the Cocoon, home to a large collection of animals and plants. The Investigate laboratory was very interesting as we studied zoology, botany and geology using microscopes. We then learnt about the evolution of mankind. To sum it up, it was a fascinating, interactive and fun learning experience. 

Thomas Norman


On Tuesday, 2B, 2H and 2J went to the Natural History Museum, on a Biology trip. We learnt many things, from stuff about Creepy Crawlies to Mammals and Human Evolution to examining specimens. My highlight was looking at samples of specimens that the museum collect and examine, and using the equipment they have to look at them in detail. It was fascinating going in the ‘Cocoon’ as well, discovering information about how to collect and look at specimens. In my opinion, it was a fantastic trip, and I felt like I learnt a lot from it. 

Xandy Slater


Once back at school, the boys rounded off the day with a quiz.  We say well done to Archie Quantrill (2H), Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl (2P) and Ben Settle (2P) on achieving the top marks.


In keeping with the nature them, several Second Year boys have been trying their hand at Hampton’s new Beekeeping club.  Here, Jack East (2L) explains what it is all about:


At beekeeping club we use beekeeping suits and go to our hives which are at the end of the field. We then look at the two hives we have and check for anything abnormal. We have recently started to collect some combs which have honey on which we will hope to extract some honey.  On Thursday we (George Sanders, Oliver Pulfrey Baker, Luke Jansen and Jack East  – all 2L) were joined by a few of the film making club staff to get some photos of us at the hives to raise awareness for bees and to try to get some more people to join beekeeping club.  The photos can be seen on the Hampton School website. 

Beekeeping club takes place at Friday lunchtime at 1:00 in B5. 

Jack East


On the sporting front the U13 Rugby teams continue to face tough opposing sides, yet spirits remain high as the boys explain here:


On Saturday 17th of September the U13 Rugby A team played Caldicott’s First 15, as they are a prep school. It was a very tight game and the score-line didn’t reflect the play. The final score was 30-15 to Caldicott. Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl (2P) scored 2 and Ethan Knight (2J) got another. It was a huge blow to the team when Ethan Knight (2J) took a huge hit and had to be taken off.  All in all the team played really well and didn’t deserve a loss.  Ben Freer

On Saturday, 17th September the U13Bs played Caldicott School. Although we suffered a heavy loss, by the end of the game we were really coming together as a team. It was a defeat and the opposition was a stronger team but we didn’t give up and we were determined to keep the pressure up and defend as well as we could. In the last quarter of the match we were on the verge of scoring a try in the last play of the game.  Despite this defeat our team is coming along and our team-work has really improved. We have learnt a lot from this fixture and can’t wait to get stuck into the next game. Oliver Glenn


We wish all our teams the very best of luck in their next fixtures.


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