UK Maths Trust Champions
UK Maths Trust Champions

Hampton School is proud of its outstanding and vibrant Maths Department.

With a staff of 26 teachers who are all passionate about their subject we can help ensure every boy achieves to the best of his ability.

The Department is renowned as one of the best in the country and we are proud that our young mathematicians have been crowned champions in the prestigious UK Maths Challenge for two years running and excel in competitions such as the British Maths Olympiad.

At Hampton we believe the successful teaching of Maths is based on three core principles:

  • Understanding how to write cogent mathematical arguments
  • Technique practice
  • Learning to problem-solve


maths news youngWe teach boys to excel in all three areas throughout their time at Hampton and have in place a range of programmes that meet the needs of those pupils who require extra support as well as those who need to be challenged further.

We are fortunate to have teachers who are passionate about teaching Mathematics to the highest level and many who have a wealth of experience regarding the Oxford and Cambridge entrance processes. Our results are consistently excellent and in recent years over 90% of all boys have achieved an A* grade in Maths.

More than three quarters of Hampton boys continue studying Maths into the Sixth Form. We offer AS and A2 Level Maths, Further Maths, and Additional Further Maths and we offer standard A Level Maths in all option blocks.

We usually run seven Further Maths sets, the top three of which are geared towards Oxbridge Maths, Engineering and Physics. At the end of the Lower Sixth, boys in the top Further Maths set and some of the boys in the second and third FM sets sit AEA (Advanced Extension Award) Maths as well as their course modules.

In the Sixth Form, Maths extension sessions happen during lunch hour and are open to all comers. The sessions are geared towards the BMO (British Maths Olympiad), the Oxford University MAT (Maths Aptitude Test), graph sketching, and real-world problem solving.

In the Upper Sixth, boys preparing for STEP exams are taught three extra lessons per week.


Mathematics Clinic

The weekly Mathematics Clinic is a place where any pupil can go to receive extra help with his current Mathematics work. As well as being staffed by a member of the Mathematics Department, Lower Sixth Further Mathematicians are on hand to offer support.

First Year Maths Morning

In the Summer Term the First Year boys have a morning off timetable to take part in a series of sessions on a Maths theme. In addition to some sessions led by the Maths Department there are a number of sessions from other departments, showing how Maths relates to their subject areas.